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Debt Cures Book / Unauthorized billing

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I placed an order for the book, which was $19.95 + $11.95 s&h. The lady I placed the order with told me I could get two additional books at no additional cost for the books, but I did have to pay for the shipping. I agreed to another $11.95. I also agreed to a free newsletter (for 30 days), but never agreed to any other product she offered.

I also asked the lady how long it would take to get the books. She said that it would be 5 to 6 weeks, but for an extra $10.00, I could get the books in about 10 days. I agreed to this too.

The order arrived in about a weeks time with a few unauthorized charges on the packaging slip. First of all, the 3 books, 5 cds, newsletter, letter booklet, etc. came in ONE small 11' x 8' x 5' box that weighed 4lbs 14oz. Get this, the shipping charge for this little box and its contents was $65.70! But that's not all! I was also charged for the Deluxe Package (which I denied in the beginning). That package included 2 certificates and some other crappy booklet for the low cost of $99.00 (shipping for this is free)! That too was in the box!

Infuriated by the costs, I called customer service. I first asked her why I was charged for the deluxe package. She said I accepted the offer for it. I then asked her if they recorded their calls (including the orders). She said no, all they do is write down the orders. How convenient. I then asked her why shipping was so expensive. She said I was charged $11.95 for each book, PLUS $10.00 for EACH book to get faster shipping, but it all came in the same tiny box! She also said the postal service was the ones who decided the postage.

I then, taking Kevin's own advice, asked to speak with her supervisor. She told me that unfortunately her supervisor was not there at that time. She also told me that the supervisor would not be there for the rest of the day, and did not know when they would be back. I asked her what legitimate company runs without a person in charge? She told me she would take my information (why? They should already have it?), and have her supervisor call me back in 24 to 48 hours.

On top of all of this crap, I am now getting calls on my cell phone from a company stating they have been assigned to my credit card account to 'help' me lower my interest rates. I have never received calls like this on my cell phone until after I ordered this book. After they ask for my credit card info (which I never give them) I asked where they got my cell number and they just hang up on me. When I call the number back, the line is always busy.

I am waiting now for a call from the supervisor, but in the meantime, I will be filling a report with the state and BBB.

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      11th of Apr, 2009
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    1.All calls are recorded, and you would have heard that in the greeting when you ordered.

    2. When you order over the phone, you have to LISTEN, all was disclosed, from experience I can say, 90 % of people don`t listen to what is offered.

    3. The free newsletter is free for 30 days, if you don`t call to cancel you will get charged monthly and send a newsletter, till you call and cancel.

    4.The extra charge for faster shipping is disclosed as well, it is said for EACH book, you choose not to LISTEN.

    5. You accepted the deluxe package on the second offer where they give you $ 100 in rebates for free, you didn`t LISTEN to what was offered.

    6. These practices are common on ALL TV offers, they are worded in a catching manor and that is why you have to LISTEN, but all is legal and binding.

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