1 STATEN ISLAND, NY, United States

as offered help only THEY DESTROYED MY CREDIT. I was fine struggling but making my mortgage payments. I applied for help and I had tried to get help from Chase possible Re-finance and both times denied by CHASE for 1. making too much money and 2 making too little. Then suddenly I receive a call after Storm Sandy in which I was hit hard. Chase was now going to help me! What a farce the money they were saving me for 6 months is held against me now as bad Credit. My Credit was very good before this. They lie lie lie and now after jumping through hoops for 6 months, give me a new amount they came up with for another 3 more months before being final. Saving $176.00 a month! Ruined my credit for $176.00 a month. They are Horrible
….Horrible company. This bank and my experience with them since the last 9 years is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!
How are they allowed to do this to people. Take a hardship and MAKE IT WORSE! They are criminal and I hope there are attorneys out there and enough complaints to go after them.! They promise to help me. Then put me on paper in a horrible position. I am completed disappointed they are allowed to even get away with this. I am actually shocked at this whole outcome it. They made my situation so much worse!!

Mar 1, 2014

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