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Who Is Debra Fitzgerald from Sydney, New south wales, Australia?

Be Aware of Debra Fitzgerald from Sydney travel consultant at Wahroonga Travel.
We all know that in the internet era of travels and hospitality it is a common practice for malicious guests to threat hospitality businesses, especially small hotels, with bad reviews in exchange of monetary compensation. It doesn’t matter if it is illegal, and that’s why malicious guests exist!
But Debra Fitzgerald, who is claiming to be a travel agent at Wahroonga Travel, Sydney, Australia, went beyond the typical malicious guest behavior.
Normally a guest like that would look for a walk out with one or two nights for free..
But not Debra Fitzgerald. This lady did not intend to pay at all!

It all usually begins with: ” I work as travel agent (most likely not even true) so can I get a better rate?” or “Can I get a discount?”
Then Debra Fitzgerald booked the cheapest discounted rate at our Suites in New York City In September 2016 - the Best Suite Available rate, which gives you no choice of suites, but whatever is available. Great offer for the high season, when you want to save some money on your vacation rental and stay with one of the best boutique rentals companies in the City.
Yet she insisted to get the particular suite, that was sold almost at a double rate.

She and her husband were accommodated in our 2BR suite in Soho. And right after they were checked in, she started bringing up the typical complaints of malicious guests: “a small suite, not enough light, some paint odors” etc..
Then Debra Fitzgerald from Sydney went beyond this!
She added that her husband just had an open heart surgery so he couldn’t handle a small suite that could potentially smell like a bit of paint.

Our experience was that up to then Australians were the nicest guests, very respectful and down to earth. So we were not aware of this fraud coming our way.

Debra Fitzgerald insisted all way long, during the 9 night stay, to get some kind of a refund, some monetary compensation.
And even though it was unnecessary and bad for our business - we gave Debra and her husband our most expensive 2BR Thompson suite for the last 3 nights when it became vacant. Did we receive any kind of appreciation for being a generous host?

After being threatened with bad reviews in exchange of a monetary compensation, which we strongly refused, Debra Fitzgerald charged back for the full amount of the stay for about $3000.
We took legal action, by adding our legal fees and filing a lawsuit here in NYC so we could send her debt to the US collection agencies.
Debra Fitzgerald has also been reported to several online complain boards to make the future hosts, hotels, or travel agents of Wahroonga Travel Sydney aware that Debra Fitzgerald is a fraud

May 16, 2017

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