Debit Tape / SCAM

1 1235 Notre-Dame Suite 410, QC, H3C OB1 , Montreal, ON, CA
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-651-6895

They call you pretending to be your regular supplier. I was duped since I had just started a few weeks ago and they used the name of the old purchasing manager. At the time we were out of Debit tape so I ordered. This was August 2008.

They are way overpriced first of all. And the quality of the debit tape is very poor. They also give you a large amount of cleaning cards? really do you need all those cars. After two shipments that kept came without me asking for it, I told them I would like to cancel all orders. They told me the old manager had signed a contract until April 2009 and we could not cancel until then...this would be our last order. I agreed and said i would not want any more in April

April rolled around, I get another call, I told them we already discuss this he assured me that he had mentioned April as being the final shipment I said fine.

I got another call today (august 2009), "Paul" said that I was still responsible for the order because it wasnt a new order, our account will get cleared at year end. I advised if he sent me a shipment he would not get it back and I would not pay a bill. Antoinette called from the shipping department to confirm the order, I told her I didnt want it, she is sending it anyway.

I phoned the police. They adviced to not accept ANYMORE SHIPMENTS refuse it and follow up with a letter. PLEASE EVERYONE OUT THERE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM


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