Debenhams Credit CardBalance Transfer Missing

A Review updated:

A Balance Transfer was requested from Debenhams credit card to Halifax Credit card on 21st of April 2009. After a month when I saw the credit card statements, the balance transfer was showing on the Debenhams statement but it never reached Halifax Card.

Debenhams was contacted in first week of June as it was identified. Was told that it could take upto 7-10 or sometimes 20 days.
Contacted again after 20 day period was told that the complaint has been file and someone will call from the compalint department in 48 hours which hasn't happened.

Called again and was told that there is not need for me to call as its been looked at and will get the explanation in written.

Called again on 2nd of July after talking to the agents for 37 minutes got Manager on phone and he told that he is not sure what has happend as the enquiry has been removed. So was promised that within 7 days will get a written explanation.

Its been 7 days today and still no phone or any written communication.

Not sure what to do now as paying minimum payment on the amount that hasn't been received.

thank you


  • S
      Jan 26, 2010

    Hi This is srinivas,
    I have done a balance transfer from debenhams credit card to HSBC credit card, balance never appeard on HSBC credit card and it was appeared in my Debenhams statetement, I left country and tried many times calling Debenhams no use, I called GE money no use, I called HSBC, they said I need to trace with Debenhams only not with HSBC. Whom to contact, I have lost all my credit history and struggling alot to get a card, phone contract any thing. Who will help to raise a complaint and go to to human rights.

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  • S
      Jan 26, 2010

    I have requested the balance transfer in December 2008 and contacted them many times, the response was so poor.

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  • E
      Jan 17, 2011
    Debenhams Credit Card - Failure to return Credit balance on Credit Card
    England, Oxfordshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    Despite repeated phone calls to very poor english speaking call centre operatives I have still not received a refund of about £70.00 on my Debenhams Credit Card which I accidentally overpaid in October 2010. They have lied so many times and said it has been sent or will be done within three days but still no joy. I cancelled the credit card a while ago because out of the blue I received a letter saying they were putting up my interest to almost 28 per cent Our local Santander branch were totally disinterested and told me to go to Debenhams Customer Services and take it up with them.
    I would never ever deal with Santander again.

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  • J
      Aug 23, 2011

    im having the sam problem with the ###!

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