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1 Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:

This is a complaint against Debbie Modderman, a self-described hobby breeder and owner of Azorez Cattery, BC, Canada, who sells kittens over the Internet, principally to buyers in the United States.

For the record, and there is a record documenting my own personal experience, this woman is duplicitous, unethical and dishonest. She is also skilled in silencing her opposition with accusations, denials and self-righteous indignation.

The specifics of my narrative can be accessed online in the Complaint Activity Report filed with the Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia, Canada, in May 2013 [Case #1258621].

A second complaint was filed with the Washington State Attorney General's Office, [Case #430954]. For those unfamiliar with the role of these two agencies, suffice it to say that they act as signatories for the purpose of safeguarding consumer protection laws. For most, they are a prelude to Small Claims Court.

Unfortunately, Ms. Modderman fully understands the limitations of these agencies as well as their inability to prosecute. She is also well versed in the intricacies of Small Claims Court, employing tactics of evasion, avoidance and detection by using a screen of a post office box to front her business without revealing the actual physical address of the cattery located in a mobile home trailer in an undisclosed location. (I have since come to learn this is a common practice for those who do not want to be found by creditors, process servers or disgruntled customers.) And finally, due to the stipulations of the Azorez Cattery contract, should you consider filing a legal claim, it is mandatory that it be done in British Columbia rendering it an ordeal of time, expense and logistics.

We all try to make our way as best we can through the unregulated lawlessness of the Internet and when Ms. Modderman contacted me regarding an ad I had placed online I thought her to be professional. I have dealt with breeders in the past, always successfully, and it was that trust that I brought to this encounter. I trusted that if a problem should arise, as it often does when dealing with the sale of animals, this individual would conduct herself with honor, integrity and ethics.

Instead, after a year and a half of repeated attempts to negotiate with her, arrange multiple payment plans for her, enlist the assistance of two consumer protection agencies to mediate with her, consult with a lawyer to initiate legal action against her, she has shut down all communication, returned mail with the addressee cited as “moved” or “unknown” and gone into hiding; indicative of traits normally associated with petty criminals or what someone else aptly labeled her as: a thief breeder. I would amend that simply to “thief” since this woman’s character and conduct is not befitting that of an honorable and respected breeder.

My complaint and the attendant commentary is based on factual documentation, meticulously chronicled medical reports and irrefutable evidence. I am neither mean spirited nor vengeful, but there are times when to remain silent is to perpetuate harm. And this is one of those times.

Like the previous complaint filed on this site in March from someone who purchased a kitten from Azorez who died within ten days, the kitten my family purchased died within seven days of delivery. Moreover, he was treated by two veterinarian facilities over the course of three days, including the highly respected Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services (ACCES) center of Seattle.

Per the breeder’s contract of no financial responsibility, my family absorbed the costs of the treatments, the testing, the critical care services, the euthanasia, and the cremation. The breeder did not pay for anything, nor did she make an offer to do so.

When the medical documents were initially faxed to Ms. Modderman, she was in complete agreement with the findings. Not surprisingly, when compensation came due, she suddenly reversed her earlier position.

There are simply too many instances of her erratic and deplorable behavior to detail, Including accusations of libel, bad faith, mendacity, etc.

From my own experience and that is the only gauge I can honestly and adequately lay claim to, Miss Modderman’s conduct has been egregious and reprehensible.

Financial loss: $1500.
Emotional loss (grief, anguish, agitation and contempt): Immeasurable.

Apr 9, 2014
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  • Rn
      30th of Jan, 2015

    I adopted my beautiful OSH kitten fro Debbie about 3 weeks ago. After looking for over a year I found her on facebook. Debbie fully explained everything to me from the start. She answered my millions of questions and was always very honest with me. My kitten arrived safely at the airport, clean, dry and well cared for. She is healthy and such a joy. The kitten did decide to stop eating after 3 days and Debbie worked with me to get her the correct diet. My kitty is very happy, healthy and loved! I would adopt from Debbie again without question.

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  • Ri
      20th of Jan, 2017

    Avoid Debbie Modderman. She is only in this for profit.
    I enquired about a kitten once & when I decided not to buy from her she contacted every Siamese breeder across Canada telling them not to sell to me lying through her teeth about me. I couldn't believe it. This woman is mentally unstable be warned!

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  • Te
      27th of Oct, 2017

    I was a CFA clerk before I could drive and have several grand champion orientals as well as a grand of distinction to my cattery name. Long out of showing I purchased two kittens from Debbie. She was easy to communicate with, she agreed to my contract annotations and was flexible with deposits and payment. We sold orientals for $400-100 in the 1980s so her prices are quite moderate in 2017. Both kittens were healthy on arrival and passed a physical examination at my veterinarian. The kittens are incredibly well socialized with good feeding and litter habits. I can find nothing to object to in my transaction and am well satisfied at the value for cost.

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  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2018

    I was just expelled from her oriental facebook group for breeders after only asking an opinion about who would be responsible when selling a sick cat! The breeder or the new owner. Now why i was expelled. Curious enough she sends me this message, and blocks me, not allowing me to respond (at least in a court of law people have a right to defend themselfsl):
    - Debbie Modderman -
    "Hello Jorge... it is not ok to post on our group about problems you have with a breeder...We don't support public shaming. These sort of things need to be resolved in private. Our admin has deleted your post and also removed you from our group. I find this offensive and I have deleted your friend request since I would not deal with someone who does this... Lead ADMIN and Creator of ORIENTAL AND SIAMESE BREEDERS' CATS, NORTH AMERICA!

    It seems breeders that sell sicks cats are the type of person she prefers to deal with... and not new owners... or at least just deal with new owners that just agree "take it and stay shut"...

    These are the kind of people that manage groups were breed cats are published ! If you are a breeder that sells sick cats, you can post and be in the group. If you are a new owner that got a sick cat and are spending a lot of money trying to save his life... then be quiet or be expelled from the group ;)

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