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Yesterday I went shopping at the mall with my friends, and we stopped to check out Deb. I was carrying a mid-size purse, and trying on a pair of sandal. The whole time I was trying on the sandal and other clothes in the fitting room, I could tell that one of the employee there was keeping an eye on me. She was snooping around and following me all over the store. When we went up to pay for our items at the counter, employee that was watching me closely said to me, "Where's the shoe?" I looked at her and knew what she was thinking, and I replied, "WTF I'm not like that!" She assumed I hid the sandals that I was trying on inside my purse because she didn't see me put them away! Also because I was Asian, she was too quick to judge. I opened my purse to let her look inside and there was nothing there! She turned so red and say she was sorry! She also said, and I quoted, "I hate big purses!" I didn't say nothing, we just left. But after thinking about it, I felt she looked down on me because I was Asian and because I carried a big purse! I also found out later that she was the store manager. Now is this how Deb treats their customers by accusing them and snooping around them while they are shopping inside their store? This kind of thing should not be tolerated since she is also the store manager, she should know better. I wouldn't want to shop in a store where someone follows me around, it is so uncomfortable! I called Deb's district manager but she couldn't do anything to help, all she told me was that the employees were doing their job, what they were trained for! Is this how employees and managers are trained, to snoop around their customers? What ever happened to good customer services? Deb needs to look into this matter seriously and find ways to improve their employees. I had of incidents happening to other shoppers at this Appleton, WI Deb locations before but never encountered any issues until yesterday! I am not happy about what happened. This store manager embarrassed me in front of my friends and every one else that was there! She deserves to be written up and should be required to go through some training but unfortunately the district manager whom I spoke to won't be taking any actions!

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  •   Jul 13, 2009

    While I'm not sure how being asian would lead someone to believe you were a thief, employees in retail have to look out for shoplifters or face termination. You complain about her judging you, well please don't be quick to judge her either. Please remember that she undoubtedly makes minimum wage and always has some j/o manager breathing down her neck all the time. So cut her some slack and offer the benefit of doubt that she is just an average worker trying to do her job.

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  • Ch
      Oct 17, 2009

    timduncan86, Asians have a stereotype of stealing clothes alot.

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  • Ak
      Apr 28, 2011

    I know the Manager you spoke about and I know she didn't make min. wage. I am the Store Manager of that particular Deb store now. I am sorry she spoke to you the way she did however, she was doing her job, all be it the wrong way. Everyday I deal with people that steal from me, some I catch and some I don't, and yes big purses are without a doubt a huge red flag for those of us that work retail. No matter what race you are if you are carring a big purse I will probably keep an eye on you. There is a correct way to address a customer that we suspect of stealing and how you explained it is NOT the right way. I wish I never had to deal with an issue such as this, but for so reason people (all races) feel the need to steal clothes of all thing. I don't get it!!! If people just wouldn't steal we as retailers would never have to ask you what you did with the shoes. If you haven't been back in give the store another chance since we have a completely new staff, including district manager.

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  • Sa
      Mar 10, 2013

    Deb Stores employees are RACIST! Will never step foot into that store again!

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