Dealer Warranty Activations / car warranty

1 1063 Lonnie Watson Rd, Newton, AL, US

We brought an extended warranty from Dealer Warranty Activations being told it was a bumper to bumper warranty. When we went to use the warranty in May of this year we were told we did not have coverage for the repairs. I then wrote and cancelled our warranty on July 7, 2009 by certified mail return receipt requested. As of August 12 I had not heard anything contacted warranty finance and was told the policy was cancelled on 7-14-09 but I have been billed for the month I called and asked for credit for one month of $112.50 the man I talked to was very rude and told me flat out that I had the contract for a long time and it was very cheap coverage and that I was not entitled to any credit.
This is a lousy was for a company to do business.


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