dead beat bastardSORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN!

Melvin is currently in arrears 16, 000 and counting. He has called cps on me numerous times trying to make my life a living hell and take my son from me. He frequents my sons school trying to convince him he will take him. He has lied to my son and his family in regards to who intiates the bull. We seperated over eight years ago...he has called the police on me to release my son to him. Yet, for three years the attorney general couldn't "locate" him. He questions my son in reference to who i'm involved with, has written letters of the stalking type as well as sent myspace notes in reference to his love for me. He refuses to pay child support, quit his job currently sells drugs and doesnt have a license. How does he think he'll take a child and he doesnt have a place to stay, no job, just lies... I sat too long, he got away with too much...this has been going on 8 years and counting.


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