De Wet Le Roux / dstv

Good day
As a vallued customer i want to put in a complaint about dstv. I went to the nelspruit multi choice branch and changed my banking details, filled in all the neccasary documents and everything. My debit order did not go off i went back to the branch today to query this, they simply told me oh sorry your debit order has been declined. Firstly how can they decline a debit order? Secondly how can they decline it and not notify you that it has been declined so it can be rectified. Thirdly the odasity to charge people another R50.00 connection fee because dstv is to useless to let you know that THEY have declined your debit order. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!! As i have been with dstv for a couple of years now and this is how you treat your customers? I have never missed a payment or made a late payment untill now. Because of this you will lose me as a customer as this was totally unacceptable. Extremely poor service from dstv. And i will complain on public media about this aswell.

De Wet John Le Roux
Smart card number : [protected]

Mar 09, 2016

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