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DCS / Abusive

1 PO Box 9057Pleasanton, CA, United States Review updated:

I recently had to deal with someone at DCS her name is Carol Norris..She is a rude and unfriendly person to deal with. Right off the bat she started yelling at me and telling me that I was basically lying to her when I wasnt and I had no reason to..Yes i did have a defaulted student loan that i had to take care of and I did just so they would get off my back. She would call me at work where they would put me on hold for atleast 20 mins just so they could pull up my file on their computer..I told her that i was in the process of getting this taken care of and she started to tell me that I have had a long time to get this worked out and that I need to be "pro active" So I got rude back with her telling her that she doesnt need to talk to me in the manner and that I dont need another mom...She told me that I need to put my mom on my account and my bank as my third party representative..I had asked why and I didnt get a straight answer. Everytime I would call her about my account I would always get her voicemail so I would leave a message and she would never return my calls or when I got ahold of her I would tell her that I left message she would she never got it..She even called my mom and harrassed her about my student loan which i work in the release of information department of my hospital and they say you should always have something in writing stating its ok for so and so to talk to or release information about anybody or anything. So right there she violated my privacy..Not only did she harrass my mom she also called my bank account rep and harrassed her and yelled at her about my loan...Once i got everything taken care of she still seemed upset about everything telling me if they didnt recieve payment by a certain date they were going to go ahead and seek further collections on it..She just makes me want to go over there and yell at her face to face..She is a rude and a demeaning person who shouldnt be talking to people the way she does..She should be sat down and talked to by someone in her facility about the way she conducts her business Im just about tempted to right a letter to her boss!! She told me they couldnt be personal because they have tons of accounts that are deliquent everyday...Yeah well to me my father dying is more important than a stupid loan that could wait a week to get taken care of...Ever heard of PATIENCE!!

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  • Cj
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    They called my house several times. Sent me a letter addressed to my maiden name claiming that I owed the US Treasury. When I contacted the company, they tried to obtain additional personal information. Rep was rude and accused me of lying. I have never filed taxes using my maiden name or obtained student financial aid. US Treasury had no record of any outstanding taxes or debts related to my social security number. They called me from 209-858-3531

  • Sl
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    DCS - not returning calls after making payment
    United States

    after making first payment & signing a ibr since don't have job & can't afford monthly payments on my student loan the loan is to be waived until i can afford it & i'm to get my taxes back since i'm in hardship they won't return my calls so i can get my taxes back. jessica has ignored calls & given a wrong number for us to call back on in the first place we have copies of the papers we signed & have made sure that we don't have to make another payment until we can afford it but know that our taxes will be with held until it is paid if she keeps this up. this company is not one that does business backwards and illegally if u ask me because they are having you sign papers that aren't legal & harass you but won't return your calls. don't return there calls or sign papers or make deals with them if your smart go to the federal website to do the ibr papers instead.

  • Ms
      28th of Oct, 2012
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    DCS - Impermissible Credit Pull
    Diversified Collection Services
    United States

    Hello, sad to sat that I ran my credit. To find that, DCS has ran my credit without my permission. Resulting in me seeking legal punitive damages and violation of privacy. Currently I am researching to see that all my ducks are well in line. Before seeking damages.
    Even if they are representing a student loan, which I am not certain whom they pulled my credit for. But I will find out.
    Their actions were seen on my file two different times.

  • Th
      31st of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Oh this is good. These CA ### need more and more people to stand up to these bullies. If you are suing pro se and need help just post your questions and - lot's of people there take on these ### and post good practical advice and answers. Let us know how it goes and Good luck!

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