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During my time working for this atrocious excuse of a company myself & another colleague were beaten & attacked, bullied, harassed during working hours by an incompetent violent supervisor. We were forced to work outside of our paid 5 hour shifts for 8 sometimes longer working days. One day I was made to work in extreme cold temperatures & contracted the flu virus for 2 weeks ruining my 2 week holiday period just so the supervisor could get her work done ahead of time. She hit us with folders & my co worker told me she had been hitting her over 5 months prior to my joining the company. Neither of us fel confident in the supervisors work attitude which often led to daily shouting at us both for work she had failed to do herself or that she had done incorrectly. Planograms were not followed because she didn't know how to do merchandising properly. She left us to go have her nails done, meet her friends & boyfriend & talk endlessly on the phone to other friends pretending she was working. We had to re do entire stands of jewllery because this dumb supervisor did not know what she was doing.

She made us lose breaks we were paid to take claiming we could go home early but this never happened we always left later sometimes past 6pm in the evening and even later some nights.
When I approached the company directly I got a reply email from a one Ms 'Sarah Brown' about my grievances they refused to entertain the idea of looking into the complaint saying the staff who witnessed the violent acts were no longer working for the company & left of their own accord therefore my complaint could not be upheld. This is a disgusting display of incomptence by who ought to know better if they do indeed run a global 3000 outlet company as stated on their website.
We were forced to work through breaks & well past our 3pm finishing time leaving us over worked exhausted & slower the next morning. This gradual process leads to all retail associates quitting the job altogether or coming in late because they dread working there. No wonder this supervisor never won any awards. She can't even follow a simple planogram which are designed & printed in full colour for her to use. She would often burst into rants about how we must do the colours ourselves. All she ever did her self to look busy was ''click click click'' merely swapping the jewellery holders around to make it look as if she had done something. We were abused, treated rudely, shouted at, assaulted & I recommend no one work for this ### organisation. I have worked in retail since I was 16 & have never come across a company as bad as this.
Absolutely no business ethics whatsoever, no bonuses, the only manager we saw was best friends with this incompetent supervisor & created no ways for us to speak to him as he was just the area manager who was also spread out over numerous stores himself. He would often take the supervisor off & disappear for long hours.

Cleaning equipment was not provided by the company the supervisor was expected to pay for stand cleaning coloutions & dry clothes herself & print time sheets so we could get paid herself with no reimbursement. This DCK is pathetic company. The supervisor would tell staff you are being paid £6 per hour so you should harder until it kills you to each penny. I have worked less & left on time fresh for the next day in better companies for more pay per hour. The employer was out of touch with staff on the front line & was fully aware of the operations run by the incompetent supervisor. If you operate across 8 stores it is unreasonable & stupid to expect 3 staff members to put out new stock & maintain visits in all 8 stores!
She made us run around like headless chickens cleaning & stocking up all 8 stores every damn day whilst ordering new stands & no stock to fill those stands.

One day the stands were faulty & fell on a customer twice & landed on her & my leg on seperate days. Both stands were faulty & rather than see how I was she shouted for me to hurry up & go to the next store. My leg bruised up covering my shin & has left a permanent reminder or indent in my leg. I was in scorching pain for days as she expected me to continue being over worked. She was racist, abusive, & extremely rude always blaming staff under her for her own mistakes. My co worker was right when she said she could do a better job of supervising & she was younger than I was. Even a child could do a better job than that atrocious middle aged wretch who was appointed over us.

Since we left others have given her hell so I am glad for that. No one should be expected to work harder or longer hours because they are from other nations either which she commonly felt was ok to say. I was not paid for half the work I did in my year & two months at this ### company. they even offered me an open ended job so I could come back because the manager knew I was the reason their profits went up that year & he saw how hard I worked. I am disgusted at how we were treated & others need to know it is ILLEGAL to make staff work outside their shift hours for FREE. She claimed I let you have the day off but we rarely got time off for the time she took from us. I lost time I could have spent with loved ones. Only to sit with her after work to be shouted at further whilst filling our timesheets which are meant to be done during work hours only. what an incompetent mess. I want compensation for the stand that crushed my leg. No wonder they do not retain staff & make massive losses in profit. She even had us break perfectly good jewellery everyday to pass it off as shrinkage because she was too lazy to put it back on the shelves.

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