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DCH-ACURA / Worst experience ever

1 United States

I recently purchased a 2008 Certified Pre-Owned Acura TL from DCH Acura of Montclair. This has been the most horrendous experience purchasing a vehicle that I have had in my entire adult life. It started with the day of purchase which began with me arriving at the dealership at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. The salesman gave me a local test drive consisting of riding around the local streets at about 35 mph for about 10 minutes. After 4 and 1-2 hours of juggling papers and waiting around the deal was made and I was given the keys to my newly purchased CPO vehicle at 10:30 p.m. I left the dealership and got about 2 miles away before I entered route 280 and that's where it all came to light. Once I accelerated to 40 mph or above the steering wheel started vibrating and jumping around in my hand and I started hearing noise come from the closed sun roof.

The very next morning I called the salesman and told him what was going on and he said to bring the car up and he would have service take it right in and address the issues. I arrived back at the dealership around 11:00 the next morning and right away there was an issue of getting the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle I had just purchased the night before looked at and taken care of. I let it be known that I was not prepared to spend my whole Saturday with the dealership and the service representative stated that the car couldn't be looked at right away and offered me a loaner. It was also at this time I was told the car would be taken care of on Monday. After waiting all day Monday I decided to call the service department at 3:00 p.m. that afternoon and to my surprise was told that the car had not been looked at yet and they would get to it Wednesday, considering it was the 4th of July was on Tuesday. I spoke with my salesman and expressed how dissatisfied I was with the service on a newly purchased vehicle which had problems the moment I drove it off the lot, his response was "well you do have a loaner don't you".

Now it's Wednesday and I called the service department to inform them that I would be coming up to pick my new car up after work and asked how far had they gotten with it. I was totally floored when the service representative once again told me the car had not been looked at and probably wouldn't get pulled into the shop until Thursday. This is where my patience ran out and I called the salesman, who stated he would check and see what was going on. I told the salesman that at this point I didn't care what was going on but I would be arriving at the dealership after work to pick up my new car and it needed to be ready. About an hour later the salesman called me back and said they addressed the wheel balancing issue but after riding with the service manager and the service technician none of them could hear the noise from the sunroof. I then requested to speak with the sales manager and gave him the whole history and he stated he would look into the issue himself. The sales manager returned my call and stated that another service technician test drove the car, heard the noise and said it was normal. At this point I was at work and livid, I told the sales manager that I was contacting my attorney and that I felt they were not dealing with me in good faith. I let it be known again that I was coming to the dealership after work and if the test drive revealed any noises I was rescinding the sale. My neighbor and I arrived back at the dealership at about 7:00 and went for a test drive with the salesman. Sure enough at 40 mph you could hear the noise whistling through the closed sunroof. My neighbor confirmed that hear could hear the noise from the back seat and it was very pronounced, I could hear the noise as I was driving but the salesman sitting in the same car with us claimed he couldn't hear anything. Upon arriving back at the dealership from the test drive the salesman stated that there was nothing wrong with the car that he could hear or see and I should contact my attorney. I requested my money back on the spot, but of course there was no one with that type of authority to authorize that type of transaction. The very next day on Thursday I receive a call from one of the sales managers who stated they found the source of the noise from the sun roof. It turned out to be the sun visor was defective on the CPO vehicle that had a 150 point check before certification.

My attorney has since contacted the dealership by mail and I am no longer interested in purchasing a vehicle from this dealership. This dealerships sales and service departments insulted my intelligence, gave no consideration for my time and took my business for granted. It is hard to believe that it took all of what I wrote about to get them to look into such a simple matter as a defective sun visor. It is hard to believe that this dealership lost a $30, 000.00 sale because of a $200.00 sun visor that they wouldn't address until pressured to do so.


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