DC Floors, Inc / Abusive worker

I don't usually send out warnings about bad service, but after today (4/4/08), I feel compelled to let folks know about a flooring company contacted to get a quote to refinish my floors: DC Floors, Inc ., T: [protected].

A worker arranged to give me a quote but arrived 40 minutes early at 7:20am instead of 8:00am. I asked him to wait ten minutes since I just got out of the shower and wasn't dressed, but he refused to wait saying "I'm not waiting, see you later" to which I replied "that's a nice way to run a business." At that point he became VERY belligerent/abusive and started kicking my door and yelling in the hallway for me to get up earlier and generally hurling abuse at me/my door (thank goodness I never opened it) – and I had to tell him to leave or I'd call the police.

When I got to the office that AM, I called DC Floors and asked for Ed(I've spoken to him before and I think he's either the owner or a manager). I told him about the incident this morning and he initially apologized.

However; he then proceeded to CHIDE me for not at least letting him come in and give me a quote even though he arrived 40 minutes early and I wasn't dressed to let in visitors! I told Ed he was unreasonable and that I'm the client, and his people should arrive on time not 40 minutes early, refuse to wait, and then have an attitude...I was SOOO embarrassed that my neighbors heard this disturbance, and I told Ed that I'd never use his company or recommend it to others. And his response: “if that's how you feel about it, you might as well send fliers up and down the street."

Well…I’m kinda taking his advice, and getting the word out that his company is unprofessional. If I’m treated badly BEFORE they have my business, how will they treat me afterwards? Anyway, thanks for reading my rant...this company SUCKS!!! Glad they treated me badly now, before I gave them my business!!


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