DB Entertainment Co / Does not deliver

1 United States

I have talked with only David (Nicholas) Bates, who I believe is the owner. I placed my order with David over the phone on December 18th, 2009 and was assured my product (soda system) would arrive by Christmas Eve. My credit card was charged on Dec. 23. I still do not have my soda system, today is February 1, 2010. David has been easy to communicate with, has always answered my emails and phone calls until a week ago when he stopped all communications. Every time he communicated anything to me, it was always assuring me that my product was on its way and he had personally "double boxed it" and even went as far as giving me a tracking number for the shipment. That shipment has never left his facility according to UPS's website (shows billing info received only). First, David claimed he shipped the soda system to me and claims it must have been lost in transit, although he never had a tracking number for it. He has said rediculous things such as, "I think UPS has to[sic] much to deliver cause[sic] I'm waiting on a[sic] order of mine[sic] own. And UPS has told me due to volume and bad weather they are trying their best." or "I think they got over loaded and set boxes to the side" I have many many emails from David of promise after promise that my (now "2nd") machine is built, tested, double-boxed, and on it's way. I have talked to my credit card company about disputing the transaction and we will be getting that started this week. This guy is unbelievable. After he tells me he is shipping me a second machine, he tells me if they both show up, to just send one back! AS-IF he actually sent one, let alone two of them!


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