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Na Lawrenceville, GA Review updated:

I reserved 2 rooms at a Days Inn in Lawrenceville GA for 8/13-16/08 to attend a funeral. I was not notified of ongoing construction when I made the reservation. Gas station in front of the motel was cleaner and in better condition than the motel. We arrived after midnight and were awakened at 7 AM by a power screwdriver being used right outside our rooms. My brother went to the office to complain. The lady sitting behind the desk was picking her nose when he walked in. She told him the there would be no construction the next day. We were again awakened at 7 AM with a hammer. The condition inside the rooms was not acceptable, the mattress and box spring should be condemned. The fire/smoke alarm was hanging out of the wall by the wire in one room. The last night of our stay, we did not sleep at all due to a prostitution bust that occurred. On 8/18, I contacted Days Inn Customer Care. I was told the complaint would be forwarded to the manager of and I would be contacted within 7 business days. It was 2 wks before I received a message from AJ offering me 25% off my next stay. It took another 2 wks for me to contact him directly to let him know that we will not be traveling to that area in the future. Once I was connected to a line that just kept ringing and I was disconnected. I called back & she said, "Oh he's out of town until next week". I asked why she didn't tell me that when I called and she hung up on me. I called again on 9/9 & spoke with AJ. I requested a 50% refund. He said he would have to speak to the manager above him for approval and would call me back, 9/12. I did not hear from him and called on 9/15. He said he was going to see the manager 9/16 and I was "first on his list" and that he would call me that day. I did not hear from him. I called 9/17 and was told the manager did not approve the 50% refund. I told him I would be reporting a complaint to the BBB and he told me to "go ahead". The condition of the hotel is not as advertised on the internet and should be inspected by the authorities for code compliance.

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  • Ce
      Apr 04, 2008
    Days Inn - flithy conditions, grumpy employees
    Wyndham Hotel Group
    1700 West Broward Boulevard
    Ft Lauderdale
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On January 4, 2017 my family and I found the following to be appalling in room 316 and 301 at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise port Days Inn.

    1. The room smelled of cigarette smoke despite the prominent “No Smoking” signs.
    2. There were burn marks on the blankets.
    3. The furniture was stained and the upholstery was worn and coming loose.
    4. The microwave was grungy.
    5. The light switch was loose and often nonfunctioning.
    6. One of the lights did not have a bulb and the socket for the bulb and other associated hardware was exposed (fire and safety hazard).
    7. The sink did not drain. Hand washing was conducted at the bathtub faucet.
    8. The bathtub was ill maintained and dirty.
    9. The chain lock on the door was missing.
    10. The face of the door to the bedside table drawer came off when trying to open the drawer.
    11. The mattress and box spring were in tatters and falling apart.
    12. Walls were crumbling and no attempt was made to clean the mess.
    13. Plumbing was being held together with packaging tape.
    14. The carpet was pulled up from the floor presenting a tripping problem.
    15. On retiring, there were bugs under the pillow. Those insects were not present on initial inspection of the room and no food was consumed in the room to attract the bugs.
    16. There were stains on the sheets that appeared to have been caused by bodily fluids.
    17. The bathroom fan did not work.
    18. No extra blankets were available in the room or throughout the hotel.

    Additionally I have the following complaints about room 301:

    1. The room smelled of cigarette smoke, even though it was advertised as a no smoking room.
    2. The microwave was dirty and rusty.
    3. The furniture was ill-maintained
    4. The 3 pronged coffee maker cord was plugged into a 2 prong extension cord.
    5. The television speakers vibrated and made other odd noises.
    6. The carpet was dirty and burnt by an iron.
    7. The wait for the Hotel Shuttle at the airport was unacceptably long - almost 2 hours.

    This is not the quality of room expected when paying from $150 to $180.20 a night per room.

    The only action taken by the General Manager at the Day's Inn was to refund the double charges that his staff had made to our credit card - both rooms. This was after multiple phone calls that my travel consultant made to him the week of our return from vacation.

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  •   Jul 14, 2008
    Days Inn - terrible place
    Days Inn
    1900 N. Mannheim Road
    Melrose park
    United States

    Once again after staying at a Days Inn I have been very disappointed. I was assigned room 146 there was no shower curtain, mold on the bathroom floor, the bathroom light did not work, the room smelled like mildew, and the door to the room looked like it had been broken down. Because of these issues I requested another room which was 122 and this room had mildew on the ceiling in the bathroom, hair in the tub, mold on the floor/ceiling, the shower curtain was moldy, the boxspring and mattresses were stained on the sides as were the walls though our looked like a cup of coffee had been thrown, the sheets were torn, the bathroom looked like a kid did the repairs. To top it off the front desk clerk acted like we were interrupting her and when we left to go to our event she could be heard after getting off the phone from who knows who saying "THAT ###ING ###". I am really appalled at how Days Inn has deteriorated from years past when it was a decent place to stay. This info will be going on other websites so people know what type of place this is and will be warned of the establishment. The outside of the place looked runned down, the light was not lit up for the Days Inn sign, weeds growing all over the place to include between the building it looked like no one has done any upkeep in years. The retaining wall is falling down outside. My suggestion is to either tear this place down and rebuild or gut the place and redo it. How terrible the only reason I stayed was because this was the only decent price in the area. I guess you get what you pay for.

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  • Gr
      Aug 11, 2008
    Days Inn - molded coffee pot
    Days Inn
    Fort Worth
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    The night front desk person was very rude first off, well my daughter loves to drink coffee for some reason but I was going to make her a cup in the coffee pot that came in the room as I was going to put in a filter I opened it to find a filter already in place and covered in mold, I then pulled the pot out that was stained with coffee and those stains were also covered with mold. When I proceeded to the front desk the desk clerk just stared at me then took the coffee pot and gave me another one this one just happened to be dirty as well, this Day Inn deserves the worst review in history it is not worth the small price I paid at all.

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  • Ba
      Aug 11, 2008
    Days Inn - dirty and filthy
    Days Inn
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We found the rooms unclean, breakfast area-sticky dirty floors, mold on the shower curtains which caused my allergies to flare up. windows unclean. Other rooms in shambles. No coffee when it came time for breakfast. No orange juice. Little kids allowed to handle items on their own. Blankets looked as if they were never washed. We didn't even use them to cover with. The pillow cases looked as if someone else had used them. Lamp shades raggedy and torn. Just very happy with it and there were 6 of us and we all vow never to use a Days Inn again if thats the way they all are. and if not this particular one certainly has given you a bad reputation Thank you

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  • Te
      Aug 15, 2008
    Days Inn - fraud - room selected was not room rece
    Days Inn Hampton, VA
    1918 Coliseum Drive
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Booked a King size bed, when we arrived we were told they only had 2 doubles. WTF??? When we asked about a cot that could be put up against our bed and the sides baracaded for our daughter, we were told it would be $10. Very bad service, with the exception of the new guy that started on Aug. 12 at the front desk who checked us in. The weird eyed woman at the buffet will hunt you down if you try to take your (1) waffle back to the room because she thinks you will save it to eat later... This hotel is a joke. It's dirty, in a bad area, they charge you incorrectly only to refund you later, pool really small...most of the people staying here actually "live" here. It's nasty. Go at your own risk.

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  • Ma
      Sep 15, 2008
    Days Inn - reservation
    United States

    Made reservation for visiting family. Reservation could not be cancelled because in the corner of the reservation form a very small box needed to be checked that I needed to mark in case I wanted to cancell. Well an emergency arose I needed to cancel. No luck. Days Inn must get a lot of these complaints because they are very good at transfering you around and leaving you on hold for extended periods of time. I travel extensivly for business and will never use this chain agian.

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  • Ca
      Nov 07, 2008
    Days Inn - rude
    Days Inn
    United States
    Phone: 1800DaysInn

    The lady was rude I did not know the breakfst bar close at nine my husband told me it was at 10:00i went down and it was all put away that was find but she did not have to be rude and smart when she told me that it was close she said I don't know who told me that but there was signs every where I did not know that she told me that there was coffee and sugar and cream out there I told her thank she stuck her nose up and just walk away I was going to stay to nights untill she did that so I left that day I don't thank I will come back there know more the last time they were nice about two years ago well thank you for your time


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  • Li
      Nov 27, 2008
    Days Inn - stay experience
    Days Inn
    2631 W NW loop 323
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We ended up at this hotel because it was the only one for miles around that was available during hurrican Ike. (We drove for 9 hours)

    Me and my four children (ages 17, 8, 19m & 3m).

    We were charged $330 for a two bed room, for 3 nights. I pay this much for a brand new Marriot stay with room service and clean fresh rooms. Then after the hurrican is over we decide that we can leave a day early but do I get a refund? no! because we were one hour (thats right one hour) into the 3rd day!

    Ok so the room was horrible smelling, it was musty and dirty smelling. Both my babies got sick from it. There was a huge water spill in the main hallway and noone ever came to clean it up, it just stayed there the whole time.

    We stayed in the nonsmoking side of the hotel and there was a sign at the door leading out that said that noone could smoke within several feet of that door. Every time I went out that door there was someone smoking right outside of it.

    Then, due to the fact that we had to stay there becasue of the hurricane we were supposed to get our taxes refunded back to us, but for the next 6 weeks all I got was the run around from them. First they were waiting for the government packet then the next time I called noone knew what I was talking about and would call me back, noone ever called me back. Then the next time I called they had changed owners and didnt have a clue then the last time I called they told me that I wouldnt be getting anything because they didnt participate in that government program.

    I was very dissapointed to say the least with the whole experience.

    The maid service staff couldnt speak an ounce of english so when you asked them to do something in your room they would just stare at you and nod. I suspect that they are getting paid peanuts for their work because they are from mexico.

    Noone was friendly or nice at all.

    You people have no idea how to run a hotel or how to treat your guests. I should have gotten a refund for the taxes and the extra night I paid for. I will never stay in one of these motels again.

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  • Ri
      Mar 27, 2009
    Days Inn - change/cancellation
    Days Inn
    United States

    Be aware, that if you purchase your Days Inn reservations online, you MAY NOT be able to change or cancel those reservations, and be charged for those reservations, even though you tried to cancel them more than 24 hours in advance.

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  • La
      Jun 22, 2009
    Days Inn - worst hotel experience
    Days Inn
    2550 Georgetown Rd.
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Absolutely the worst experience in a hotel! My wife booked us in December for the month of June 2017! We get there and the price was 3 dollars more than what she was told in december, we let that go and didn't complain. We get into our room, it was stinky, the shower barely worked and would not shoot water out of the bath tub spout. The air condition was not cooling the room at all, it remained hot, the refrigerator would not cool anything down, the carpet tunred my one year old's feet completely black, the swimming pool water was very dirty and we did not smell any chlorine. I went to the front desk and spoke with a very nice young lady who switched me to another room. My family and I get in there and the air worked and the refrigerator worked but the shower had the same issuse as mentioned above, the carpet was still turning our feet black and we looked at one of the comforters and there was a huge yellow pee looking stain on it. This was not what I expected from Days Inn and plan to never stay in another one again!

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  • Ih
      Oct 04, 2009

    The cancellation policies are spelled out on the hotel websites. Its the resposibility of the consumer to know what they are getting into. So to say you were ripped off is way off base.

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  • Ah
      Feb 01, 2010
    Days Inn - customer service
    Days Inn
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    The staff is very inprofessional. The receptionist is very rude and she also has problems with doing her job. My husband stayed at the hotel for three months and every time I called and asked to be transferred to the room, she would be very impolite. I even asked her for the name of her manager and she disconnect the call. The manager was not sympathetic to the issue, he questioned me before he spoke to the receiptionist. If you are visiting the small city, my advice is to stay far away from this hotel.

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  • Er
      May 29, 2010
    Days Inn - horrible and rude service
    Days Inn
    850 Abrego St
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We booked a non-smoking room for days inn downtown monterey (San carlos inn) at

    We received a smoking room and days inn refused to move us saying they were booked, which was a lie. We then called where we booked the room and all they could do for us was give us a 10% discount of $26! We decided to suck it up and stay in the room because no one cared to better accommodate us.

    The room smelled awful, including the bed sheets and curtains. My husband later tried to access the wifi they claimed they had with the hotel password and it did not work. He went to the front desk to complain where he witnessed the employee give a lady a non-smoking room for the night. My husband approached the lady outside to confirm she did not have prior reservations and she said she did not!! At this point, we were fuming. Trying to keep calm, we spent the night. The walls are very thin and we heard the faucets and noises from other rooms all night long.

    As we packed up the next morning (Because we surely weren't going to stay for the second night we booked), I looked under the bed to make sure we were not forgetting any belongings in this horrible place and I found dirty underwear that was not ours!!!

    This hotel looks nothing like the pictures online, there's no oceanview, their "large" complimentary breakfast they claim to have is nothing but toast and bagels, they don't care one bit about customer satisfaction, and we will never stay at another days inn.

    Days inn = horrible

    Customer service = non-existent!

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  • Sa
      May 31, 2010
    Days Inn - door to room failing to inform room wasn't ready
    Days Inn
    600 Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy
    Phenix City
    United States

    First when we checked in went to the room it wasn't even cleaned yet. The front desk clerk didn't even bother to inform us. The next thing was the room door wouldn't even shut. We went to complain she said other guest complained earlier in the week but she forgot to mention it to maintenence. We asked for a different room but none were available a friend of ours came by and had to lift the door up just to close it which was terrible.I will probablynever stay there again. Your housekeeping staff were great, your management and front desk staff leaves something to be desired.

    Thank you
    Satanya Miller

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  • Ro
      Jul 26, 2010
    Days Inn - worst service ever
    Days Inn
    United States

    I booked my stay at Days Inn 5858 International Drive Orlando Florida, The stay there was a nightmare, Rooms were Dirty, Humid and infested with mites/ticks, Phone in room not working, Batroom Lights not working, Toilet Flush not working, Open stinking storm water drain just outside room, area around swimming pool Water logged and stinking. AC system Mysteriously Stops working between 2.00 AM and 4:00 AM. Manager was never available for complaints and the chinese frontdesk assistants were difficult to communicate to. Me and My family had several insect bite that night. Next day they managed to change my room but they charged me extra $80.00 for that. If you are planning to travel to Orlando choose any other motels or hotel but not Days Inn. The Wyndham Hotels who manages Franchisees at DAYS INN is also not trust worthy. The customer care department has not yet come back with my complaint resolution.

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  • Da
      Apr 02, 2011
    Days Inn - filthy establishment
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This was the dirtiest motel we have ever visited. We stopped the the counter and paid for a room and then went to tour. When we returned, we discovered a room that clearly needed renovation and cleaning. The entire perimeter of the carpet was so dirty it looked like it had not been cleaned for months. I dropped something on the floor and knelt down to find out what it was only to find an apple core, cigar wrapper, razor blade and numerous other items that had to be moved to find what I was looking for. The door lock was missing a screw and was falling off, the sink had the stopper missing and laying on the counter, the bedspread had a cigarette burn in it. Etc. Had we not returned back to our room after midnight, we would have gone to another motel. The owner of the model gave one excuse after another when I complained. I got the impression that it was how he operated business. We were very disappointed. We had stayed in a days inn a few days before which was a 100 percent better. Motel owners need to offer travelers a clean room and comfortable beds. I filed a complaint with days inn's web site about four days ago and haven't even received the courtesy of a reply.

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  • Ke
      May 18, 2011
    Days Inn - poor service, poorer accommodations
    Days Inn Airport CHattanooga
    Lee Hwy
    United States

    Arrived at hotel and 2 clerks and manager behind counter. Took over 40 minutes to get room assigned even though reserved and prepaid. Facility had suffered fire damage that was not properly repaired. I am a fire investigator/ insurance investigator for State of TN. Smell was overwellming. Rooms 222, 223, 224, 225 all affected that I know of. Was in these rooms. Had to wait over an hour and had to threaten action against hotel if room reservation not honored. Manager unreliable as he kept trying to lie saying there was no fire. Maintenance worker had already told us about the fire. Will never stay in a Days Inn again, and will advise everyone I know not to stay in one.

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  • Da
      Oct 27, 2011
    Days Inn - not clean/sanitary
    220 Bravo Terrace
    Port Orchard
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On October 13, 2017, I checked in to the Days Inn in Port Orchard, Washington. The toilet was dirty, and the floor around the toilet was dirty. The sink had hair, several strands, both in the sink and on the counter. (Room 106).

    I went to the desk and reported the problem, and the very nice desk clerk changed my room to 104. I was able to use the toilet, and wash my hands in a sink that appeared to be clean.

    Normally, the first thing I do upon check in is pull the bedspread back and check the bed. Unfortunately, I failed to do this until 1:30 a.m. after I had unpacked, (my plan was to stay two days), gone out to eat, and showered. When I pulled the spread back, I was horrified to find “something” red, encrusted to the under side of the spread.

    It was not reasonable for me to get dressed, pack my belongings, and go back to the office for a 3rd room at 1:30 a.m. I was sick to my stomach at the thought of getting in that bed, so I slept that night sitting up in a chair.

    That morning, there were cleaning ladies outside my room, and I asked them to come in and look at the red substance on the spread. One lady scraped some off with her nail. She encouraged me to speak with the Manager, Steve, and stated they were having some problems with one employee. I asked her to witness the bed & spread.

    I asked for the Manager at the desk, and first was told he was busy. I stated that if he was not available, I could locate someone who is, probably online. The Manager became available. I informed him of the two rooms I had been given that were not adequately cleaned. He stated that when I discovered the second rooms soiled bed, I should have come back to the desk and asked for another room! I then asked him, “How many rooms does it take?” He did not respond.

    Since this Days Inn is AAA rated, (the reason I chose to stay there), I am hoping that you will once again choose to inspect this facility. It is not up to AAA standards, and appears that this Inns management, is a great deal responsible for the condition of the rooms.

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  • Fe
      Jul 15, 2013
    Days Inn - terrible
    Days Inn
    United States

    There is no nightlight in my bedroom. Terrible. There is no waffles or pancakes in the breakfast room. Terrible. No Disney Channel on the television . I wanted a flat screen Tv. Terrible.

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  • Ho
      Jul 16, 2013

    They used to be a good place to stay but have gone way downhill...Most of them are run down ...Motel 6 is even a better place to stay then at a Days Inn...

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  •   Jul 16, 2013

    First world problems. Face, meet palm.

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  • 19
      May 27, 2014

    Days Inn - London KY - If you want dirty sheets and then have change your own, just check into this Days Inn. We had two rooms, my room had dirty sheets, my friends room had used tissues wadded up in their bed. Needless to say no refund on the rooms. But I have filed a complaint with the Board of Health, will change back my credit card. Considering more actions. This place needs to be shut down.

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  • An
      Feb 23, 2015
    Days Inn - all of the above to many to list
    days inn lenior tennese
    my address 812 s.9th ave
    Lenoir City
    United States
    Phone: my number [protected]

    dirty bathroom elect. shortage standing water on heater, couldn't use dryer do to elec. problem spliced wired to dryer put in outlet major fire issues no towels filthy carpets didn't salt walks or parking area did not use safety gloves for food set up and fixed non of the problems i want this fixed someone is going to get trapped in a fire problem call me please [protected] very rude workers
    had to clean the bath myself and the towel i used turnd black from cleaning thats unexceptable standards
    we have photos on our phone we will send when you contact us

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  • Hg
      Oct 17, 2015
    Days Inn - extremely disappointed
    United States

    We stayed at Days Inn in McComb MS and we were extremely disappointed. The room has not been updated in probably 20 years. The vanity top is worn thin, the tub is nasty, and in general, just not comfortable. There was no remote to the TV so had to call front desk for that and it was delivered. This is a large hotel but we were placed in a very back, remote location. The place was no where near full. We stay in Days Inn frequently but this is not up to your standards. The outside of the building is also very worn out. Someone from the head office needs to visit that location and bring in the cleaning and painting crew. Why has this location been let go? Stayed there Oct. 5th, 2017. We stayed in another Days Inn for the same price and that location was beautiful. McComb should be shut down and I feel we did not receive value for the price we paid.

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