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David's Bridal / Bridesmaids dresses - horrible service!

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All of my bridesmaids dressed were purchased at David’s Bridal in Manchester, CT. After picking out the dresses I informed my girls to call and order over the next month so that they would be in, in time for the wedding. When my first bridesmaid called they refused to take her debit card number over the phone telling her it was denied (they cant deny debit cards), the kept her on hold and transferred her to 3 different people who all asked her the same questions with no answers, she was unable to order her dress. My second bridesmaid called with a similar problem only this time they told her she was not in to computer and they had no dress number or size for her. After I called them up and freaked out on them when they told me they did not have ME in the computer they magically found my name. They refused to order my dresses until all of the girls had placed their order, which I understand, but I informed them that because there dresses were all different I didn’t want them all in the same dye lot. When my sister called to order her dress it was in the store 2 days later and although the floor model fit her perfectly the one she received (in the same size) needs major alterations. When ever i called them on the pone nobody could help me and they just put me on hold and asked to call me back, which they never did. The first day I walked in there I decided not to get my wedding dress there because of their horrible service I guess I should have learned my lesson.

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  • Ch
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    This is not a complaint, I would like to thanks Ms.Michelle and her staff for the service that was giving to us on the 6-30-07 it was a short notice and the service was excellence. Anjelica was gorgeous in her dress that was selection. (Macon Georgia)

    Charlie and family

  • Ry
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I got married in April of 2008. I purchased my dress from David’s Bridal, and 2 flower girls dresses, AND 7 bridesmaid’s dresses from the store. Yes, there was A LOT of money spent in the store. When I ordered my dress, the sales rep informed me that the dress I tried on off of the rack was going to be slightly larger than the actual dress I ordered, because it had been tried on so many times. Ok, makes sense right? So I ordered my size and everything was good. Well when my actual dress came in I decided to get all 7 of my bridesmaids together plus the 2 flower girls so everyone could pick their styles and get the right size and we could go ahead and order everyone’s dress on the same day. I set up an appointment and told the lady I spoke with on the phone that I was going to have 10 girls to accommodate and we needed at least 2 fitting rooms….didn’t sound unreasonable to me for 10 people. So we arrive at the store for our appointment and we were given 1 dressing room, YES 1 for 10 people. Everyone is taking turns trying on dresses and I asked my sales rep to bring me my dress so I could try it on….remembering what she said about it possibly being too small versus the one off the rack….I asked her not once but 4 times to bring me my dress, patiently waiting and NEVER rude. So she brings me THE DRESS OFF THE RACK! At that point I felt nothing was going to be accomplished there and I was just going to take my dress home and determined whether or not it fit myself. Luckily, it fit fine and I didn’t need any alterations because a few weeks later when all of the bridesmaids dresses came in and I went to go pick them up, I told the lady at the register that one of them I was leaving behind because it needed alterations. She told me they didn’t have room…..DIDN’T HAVE ROOM???? FOR ONE DRESS ARE YOU KIDDING? So I took the dress home and explained what happened to my bridesmaid that needed the alteration and she went elsewhere with her dress. Another week passed and another one of my flower girls was told at the David’s Bridal in Nashville, Tennessee, that the flower girls dress that matched my dress was discontinued! Well it wasn’t and they had to call the Duluth store and order one from out of state. I went to pick the dress up and figured it was under one of 3 names which I gave the lady a hundred times because I wasn’t sure exactly who placed the order and it took her 30 minutes of going back and forth and telling me it wasn’t in the back and then finally getting a manager and me telling her the 3 names yet again until the dress was finally found.

    And after spending a grand total of $4, 000 in the store, they told me I had to PURCHASE a bag for my $1000 dress. Are you serious? I spent $1000 on a dress, $100 on shoes, and almost $300 for my tiara and I have to BUY a $10 bag….I DON’T THINK SO!

  • Wh
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I am a last minute "fill in" bridesmaid and time is of the essence! I contacted the SugarLand location to see what sizes they had avalable and they suggested I call Friendswood because the computer showed the size/color available. I have the package FedEx'd to me last minute. I got the dress and it is too big. I contacted the closest location (SugarLand) to me to run in and exchange for WHATEVER they had that fit. I explained that the wedding is tomorrow, I am headed out of town, and I need to run in and get an exchange... NOT A REFUND. The girl on the phone stated that her manager would not be in until 2 pm and there is no one there to make ANY SOUND CALLS until 2! The girl also stated that she could not do any exchanges because she "would get yelled at"! When I asked the girl to put me on hold and contact her manager via mobile phone, she put me on hold for over 25 minutes! I hung up, called back and they said I would have to call back after 2 pm. When I asked again for immediate contact of the manager via mobile, she said that the manager does not have a mobile phone! ? WHAT?? So needless to say, I am headed out of town for a wedding I am to be in and I am unable to wear my dress ($135) because it is too large and NO ONE AT DAVID'S BRIDAL is willing to help me out! I will definitely keep posting this because I am soooo upset! BRIDES/BRIDE MAIDS TO BE... PLEASE CHOOSE A BRIDAL COMPANY WHO HAS THE PROFESSIONALISM AND CAPABILITY TO STEP IN AND PROBLEM SOLVE WHEN SITUATIONS OCCUR!

  • Mo
      19th of May, 2010
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    I can add to these posts. I took my daughter to get her wedding dress at David's Bridal in Chicago. My daughter had called and changed the time of the appointment the week before. We got to the store and the changed was never made on their appointment book. It took them 3o minutes to find a person to help us. We were told that my daughter got 45 minutes to use the dressing room because the sales person had to use the room for another bride. I remineded the sales person that they were late getting to us and no way my daughter could pick a wedding dress in 15 minutes. We had the list of gowns she had pick from the internet. My other daughter and I had to run all over the store looking for the dresses because the sales person was just sitting in a chair looking through the catalog trying to find the wedding dresses from the catalog. I was the one helping my daughter with her gown and giving her input on what style looked better, the salesperson did any advise or help my daughter with anything. We were lucky that we found the 4 dresses she had picked and she could tried them all. She finaly decided on two and the salesperson was rushing her to make a decision. I explained to the salesperson that my daughter needed to see herselfe on the own on the mirrors outside so she could see how it looks under a good light. They were children running all over the stores. Touching the gowns, stepping on them. It was awful experience, when picking a wedding gown should be the best experience for a bride. I recommend Bridal Mart to anyone. You get a salesperson with you and they help you all the time, they don't rush you and they give you a lot of input on what type of accessories may look better with the gown. They are not pushy trying to sell you anything. My first daughter bought her gown in Bridal Mart and we had excellent service. We could not find a Bridal Mart close to where my daughter live in Chicago. I only have two daughters, so hopefully I am done with weddings. Next time I will find a Bridal Mart or an independent Bridal Shop with good service.

  • Gu
      7th of May, 2011
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    I can add to the above comments. I would not shop at Davids and would not recommend them. We went to the Merrillville, Indiana location. They are very corporate and we had quite a few problems. We needed bridal gown alterations and they have a list of the fee for each in their alteration rooms, BUT they charge $5 for EVERY single button, etc. $650 gown then had $310 in alterations!! This was JUST for a bustle and shoulders taken up!! We were not told of the cost ahead of time, and when we were handed the bill we just about fell over. What are you going to do at that point? Have them remove all the pins they put in it and start over by taking it to another seamstress? Problems we had before that were that we were told on the phone that they could exchange a sash we bought for a different color and when we got back to the store they told us they couldn't do that so we were stuck with a $65 sash we couldn't use. I called first because it is almost an hour one way to their store. Plus, they lost us in their system and couldn't find our party, even though we had been there the week before and we were in the system. Then they told us we had already returned a sash, which was not true. Asked to speak to the store manager and got no help there at all. We got rude treatment a couple of times. Very messed up and unorganized.

  • Gu
      7th of May, 2011
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    P.S. For my first daughter's wedding we went to an independent shop. They cared and were very helpful. Unfortunately, in this economy, they are closed and Davids is still open. Find an indepenent bridal shop where they care about your purchase and you aren't just another number!

  • Ne
      18th of May, 2011
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    Although my complaint is not a very large one, I have to say that I will not be buying my wedding dress there. I was told I had to order my bridesmaid dress 3 months in advance. It came in within 4 weeks which was great, except for some stupid reason they sent an email to the bride telling her that if I didn't come pick it up within seven days after delivery, they were returning it. Seriously? Something that I bought and paid for? The bride was all freaked out about it because I couldn't drop everything to go pick it up immediately. I called them and they agreed to hold it, seriously, but why would a bridal company even do that?

  • Wr
      21st of May, 2011
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    The Victorville, Ca. Store ..they kiss your ### when you walk in ...once you've made your purchase...your on your own...The dresses are all wrinkled and they put them in those long bags so you cant see them you get them home and there all wrinkled...I picked up my daughter dress so she didn't try it on at the store... they ordered her's. My sister's dress was wrinlkled too ...she did try her's on when it arrived and it was all wrinkled to...she assummed when she took it of and they took it to the back that they were steamming it...well guesss what she got home it it was still pay hundred of dollars for the dress... you would think you would get a wrinkle free dress...those once on the rack aren't wrinkled!!! I will not recommend this bridal store to anyone...

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