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David Murray / Kleiman Evangelista Unprofessional Office

1 Burleson, TX, United States

IT is becoming further evident the unprofessional nature of the Kleiman Evangelista Office in Arlington, TX. Since having surgery 2 years ago, I have been back several times for followups. I have had at times wait more than 2 hours to see the doctor after my scheduled time. TWICE, I was put into a room and was forgotten. It wasn't until they were closing up and came into the room with a wide eyed disbelief of "Why are you in here?". Needless to say, I was wondering that myself.

Since I need followup following my procedure, I have no choice but to endure the noncaring attitude of the staff. When I voice my complaints, they dismiss me and have feeble excuses. My procedure did not go well at all, after the FIRST procedure, I could barely see at all. I was in a dense fog and could not even see the top letter on the eyechart. Three months later, I had an enhancement which only improved my sight slightly for a period of time.

I now suffer from shadowing in both eyes in which I cannot see things clearly at a distance. I have had a severe problem with a "halo" effect of light in which light is distorted. I have to wear sunglasses constantly and have a "raccoon eyes" effect in which my eyes have a ring of lighter colored skin around the eyes themselves. I have extreme difficulty driving at night because of the halo effect of carlights. I have to look off the side of the road when cars come at me and I cannot look into the sideview or rearview mirrors. I have had to put a dark tint on my vehicle so that I can operate more safely at night. Since my tint is less than 20%, I require a doctors note to legally drive my vehicle. I cannot get through to the doctor to request the note. I get a bunch of excuses from the front desk when I call. I let them know my vehicle needs inspection and I need the note quickly as I am now driving with an expired inspection sticker. They treat me with disbelief and come up the lousy excuses as to why the doctors (Tran or Evangelista) will not return my phone calls.

I can say that when I am ABLE to see Dr. Evangelista, he is courteous but seems to only play the part and my time with him is like a cow being herded so he can get on to convincing the next patient to lay down thousands of dollars for a procedure. They are the nicest group when you are going to have the procedure done, but are an afterthought in any and all followups.

I have discouraged many from having lasik performed at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Care in Arlington due to
the uncaring and ungiving attitude of the front office staff. You are not worth the time and effort to them unless you are a new patient with $$$$$. Once your procedure is done, you better hope all went well. Otherwise you are going to be severely dissapointed. Please study all lasik centers with caution and do your homework before undergoing this lifechanging event.

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