David Harder / Charter Communications

I moved recently from an area serviced by Time Warner. They had their minor problems, all fixed on the spot. Charter Communications:

1. I've had to have repair men over to my house four times to fix the cable TV. I've paid for premium services and they black out, the sound vanishes. Actually, 1/2 of the time it is simply useless. The only compensation the company has issued is a $15 certified. I pay about $300 a month.

2. Charter took over my phone service and did not disclose to me that a directory call is $1.79. Did you read that? $1.79. Here's the additional rub: Most of the operators are functionally illiterate, so I have to spell names three and four times. Sometimes, I have to explain the difference between letters. Nine times out of ten, the tell me there is no listing for the company (a few examples of these companies: Wells Fargo, Sony Pictures, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, The Los Angeles Times. When I called to complain and ask for some kind of compensation, they said they would not give compensation and had "no control" over this service because it is outsourced!

I am happy to join a class action lawsuit against this company at any time. I will continue to post complaints about Charter as long as they run one of the shoddiest services in America as Paul Allen, the owner & founder cruises the world in his 416' yacht.

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