David Gainford / Tellman, Overcome Everything

1 Jordieland Farmhouse, Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: 01557/331651

I ordered Overcome Everything and basically became disallusioned with the product.
I now realise that most of these so called "gurus" make their money by constantly selling products to the constant influx of wanabe entrepeneurs which will either have you treading water or have you fail so you will buy the next great marketing secret.
Anyway I was charged monthly on my credit card even after I had cancelled.
They refused to repay money which was debited to my card and said I would get free access until christmas and no more money would be taken.
I accepted as I am fairly easy going.
Well quess what my credit card is stillbeing debited months after I cancelled.
I am still trying to get them to cancel and looking for ways to pressure them to do so,

Not good, not good at all,
Any help appreciated,

David Gainford.
Do not fall victum to this scam.

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