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I dropped my vehicle (1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic) at Dave's Auto Service INC in Centerville on Saturday (9/7/08) and put my keys in the drop box. On Monday Dave called me letting me know that I would need a new radiator to proceed. I agreed and told him I would call back later in the day with a deposit.

I came down to the shop in person to talk with Dave. After waiting in the lobby for an upwards of 45 minutes, Dave approached me and we went to look at the car. I decided that I would let him know the next morning whether or not to proceed, and exited to my car.

After getting in the car that I had drove to the shop (different car than the one being repaired) Dave came out screaming at me, and asked me what I was doing. I stated that I was driving home. He reached into my car (also a Jeep, but much older and of different color) and pulled out the keys. He proceeded to walk into his store and tell me he was going to call the cops.

It took at least 5 minutes to repeatedly explain that this Jeep was a different one, and not the one he was repairing. After he finally had one of his associates check on the Jeep in the back, he released the keys to me.

Never have I met such an individual with such a temper in a business. After asking him whether or not my problem may be a head gasket, and what a head gasket would cost, he refused to even give an estimate. Any mechanic I've ever been to has at least given me the courtesy of looking up the pricing for a head gasket replacement -- but Dave refused to do so simply because he couldn't give an estimate off the top of his head (which wasn't what I was asking for.)

His rude manner in which he treated me was upsetting, and the fact that his paranoia compelled him to reach into my personal vehicle (which is not under any mechanics lean for Dave's Automotive) is not only rude, but an act of assault. Entering someone's vehicle without the consent of the owner is not something that an employee (much less, business OWNER) of a repair shop should be doing.

Dave has been one of the most difficult people I've had to deal with in the area of customer service. I'm extremely dissatisfied, and want Dave to know that should he continue to be so rude to his customers - he wont be in business any longer.


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  • Da
      Apr 14, 2009

    I am the owner of this business and this is not a true story. I think this is a competitor that is saying some awful things and posting on the internet.

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  • Ex
      May 08, 2009

    I worked there for a few Years and he is deffintaly dis honest and sales things to people that they do not need. Makes you look over every car from top to bottom and find anything as little as a drop of oil on a shock he will tell you your family will kill my family if you dont get them replaced he loves using scare tactics when talking to customers. I would not let him work on my little red wagon much les my car left after i really figured out how he ran the place

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  • Fr
      Aug 20, 2009

    There are many complaints about Dave's and Dave Bell on the internet. Normally his first tactic is to threaten the site to have them removed. That is what happened with Yahoo! Local.

    However, if you look at his "replies", you will see that it is always someone elses fault. So between a "crazy former employee" and "disgruntled former employee" or a competitor, Dave can not keep his lies consistent online.

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  • Da
      Aug 27, 2009

    Dave, you're an awful liar.

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  • Va
      Sep 01, 2009

    He said we needed $2, 000 worth of work before he could pass us for inspection--TWO catalytic converters AND a master brake cylinder (just after paying him $2000 for another repair).

    We could not pay that much and parked the car. We lived with one car (I rode the bus) for six months!

    Finally I decided to get a second opinion, went to Barlow Automotive, who fixed it for $100 and it passed inspection the same day. The converters and brake cylinder were FINE! What a crook! I should bill Dave for all my bus fare and extra time. When I told the inspection place what had happened, he said, "I have heard more stories like that, Dave is a good guy, but he is slipping." Not just slipping--he is plain dishonest.

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  •   Sep 01, 2009

    haha pathetic

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  • Da
      Sep 04, 2009

    it's quite obvious that this "ex employee" is just sour grapes. he has no life so he just keeps making up comments and telling lies. lets see what he makes up next under another fake name.

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  • Ge
      Jul 06, 2010

    I totally disagree with this guy. I’ve been a customer of Dave’s for about a year and a half now and they haven’t ripped me off or deceived me in any of the repairs they’ve done to my 98 Sebring and I always get a quote without a problem. The rip off is some of these national and local chains (I won’t mention names) where I’ve gotten some outrageous repair quotes. I go into one to buy front tires and get an alignment and they tell me I need a brake job that’s going to cost $900 bucks. After getting the last quote of $130.00 to get a radiator hose put on ($30 hose and half hour labor), I quit checking with these places and decided to stick with Dave’s. I don’t know what this guy’s talking about, because I’ve never had any attitude problems with any one from Dave’s and I don’t expect any in the future.

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