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Dave Laffin (Digital Solutions) / scammed with no pay for work performed

1 Indianapolis, IN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 317-223-9109

Forwarded Message: need a investigation on company Digital Solutions Direct TV contarctor.
need a investigation on company Digital Solutions Direct TV contarctor.
Friday, September 4, 2009 4:38 AM
"Steve Sarkan" <>
"steve" <>, "Jameel Johnson" <>
To whom concern:
Investigation should be taken with a company called Digital Solutions Owner Dave Laffin out of Indianapolis Indiana this company as hired contractors nation wide to perform installs of Direct TV service.
Me as one of them that owed $730.00 for service I perform for this company and in waiting from the beginning of July to received that installation money owed to me.
This person Dave Laffin was not answering phone nor E-Mail.
Now I have got a hold of him on August 27 2009 He stated that there will be a certify check in a certify US Mail send out on Friday 28th 2009.
I have tried all I could to solve this The supply company that said they have already paid on the Installs I have done. The supplier of the work has been trying everything that can to do to help get the technicians paid and this company being DISH1UP.
There is a contact person there who as E-mail Digital Solutions and telling Dave Laffin to pay these tech that they already paid him for and to have it solve on and by the August 26th and with that we now can get to touch him now. Thats when he said about the certify mail and check. In today being the Sept 04 2009 with no money yet.
I'm turning to you for help in this matter. I have many E-Mails from Dish1up with them trying to solve this in best way they can but I sorry but enough is enough its has been to long waiting from first part of July to get paid where this was by only income and nothing now. after corresponding with others techs this Dave Laffin as not paid anybody else and I find out to be he owes quite a lot of money to us techs.
And still he is hiring people off the cable-bar to scam them too.
Me and others want this guy stopped before others get scammed.
As I understand he is trying to get a contract with Direct sat usa.
Please have this Dave Laffin stopped in his tracks of being the scam that he is.
I express again the company Dish1up has gone way out of there way to help in this matter.
It only seems that this Dave Laffin just Scruggs it off and lies to next person that contacts him.

Steve Sarkan [protected]

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