Dave Antestenis, Failure to Pay, Stole LeadsDave is a thief

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Dave ordered leads from our company! After his campaign was finished he has his wife call and beg for additional leads untill a check cleared from their fulfillment house, Choice Loan Modification, Leesia sounded so pathetic with her sob story about how they were being taking advantage of by the company that enables them to do business and pleeded if we could just provide them with leads on an "honor system" Unfortunately, we our company is flexable and tries to assist not only struggling homeowners but struggling bussiness owners like this pathetic operation. Conclusion Dave recinded from making a payment after receiving his leads. This pathetic coward has his wife and sales people negotiate for his lame duck tail!


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      Jul 09, 2009

    Many unsatisfied customers have contacted us regarding Dave's Branch of Choice and consistant misrepresentations. This information comming soon!

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      Jan 07, 2010

    The poster here is a scam artist that is trying to cover up his trail of broken laws and sex convictions...if he was on the up and up he would have used his name or the name of his firm...He is trying to hurt anyone that reported him to the can now find him in jail.

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