DAV Thrift Store - Joplin, MO / Accused of Shoplifting

1 Joplin, MO, United States

To start off, I am an Afghanistan war Vet with no criminal history what so ever my wife has only recieved some traffic tickets, and while my wife and I were out shopping we were confronted and accused of shoplifting. Here's what happened... My wife is a very indecisive shopper, always going from one section to another picking up clothes then putting them back, anyway on our way to the checkout ailse we are confronted by a man who was apparently finishing up his court ordered community service by working for the DAV, he proceeded to tell my wife not to steal the items in her hand because she was on camera, now my wife being hot tempered immediately went back to the women's clothes section and put back every piece of clothing she was going to buy because she refused to purchase something she was accused of trying to steal, we made our way to the check out a second time and I purchased my items, including a hat I had found and wore throughout the store, that none of the management team or "employees" commented on. I decided to just let the incedent go and chalk it up to a rude employee. With receipt in hand we made our way across the parking lot just for a manager surrounded by 3 employees to bolt out the door after my wife demanding she come back to the store because she had called the police. She then humiliated my wife again saying they had caught her on camera putting merchandise in her purse, which was a load of rubbish, my wife retorted that she had nothing and showed the manager the contents of the purse where the manager then accused my wife a third time saying she had ditched the clothes after she was caught. My wife and I waited for the police to show up but none did, her Grandmother then came to the store because we were not allowed back in and her Grandmother said that the Manager had told her they called the police and told them not to come because my wife had returned the merchandise to them in the parking lot. All lies, I called the main office and nothing can be done until Monday. This was ridiculous and I know the reason they targeted my wife was because she decided to dress down from her casual business clothes and wore a Misfits band T-shirt and jogging pants. None of this would have happened to her if she had been dressed up.

Jun 13, 2015

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