datesafeguard / Not who they claim to be.

The point about this supposed free site is that it ends up not being just a free age verification site. I have tried this particular site DateSafeGuard 2 or 3 times and all it does is sign me up for a porn site and charges my account that it says it won't do. And on top of that you can't find any of these women on this site. They say that they are there with their phone numbers and that you will get a code to enter when you call their number, but I have yet to find a phone number or a code to enter. But what I have gotten every time is access to full blown porn site. If that is what I was looking for then I would be completely satisfied. That is not what I was lead to believe this site was for nor was I looking for a porn site. Whether some people want to believe it or not their are companies out there that are lookikng to scam you.

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