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It seems like a scam that is placing craigslist. Org personal ads in different locales.

You can get an idea of the nature of the scam, which appears to gradually ask for more and more personally identifiable information by reading the nevada - based firm's "terms and conditions. " http: / / datesafeguard. Org / legal / terms_and_conditions. Htm

Once you read it, it becomes much more clear that it is a scam that includes elements of multi - level - marketing where your network of relationships appears to be its real target.

For computer geeks, a whois search of datesafeguard. Org shows that it is using a florida - based anonymizing service. Their nameserver name is revealing: ns1.

Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!)


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      Jan 12, 2010

    I was asked to give c/c details to veryify my age and produce a picture and ~I followed it up immediatelyu by sending them a message to cancel the details asking them to verify it. Up to now this has not been don and I am suspicious that they will use the details to take out money!! I registered under liedancer2 and my pic is also attached.Can you confir this action happens and I am advised accordingly. My e mail is [protected]

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