SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Poor order handling, no customer service

United States

I ordered a set of ink cartridges a few weeks before I knew my business would need them so as to be prepared for when I ran out (as waiting for ink to arrive can cause serious problems for a retailer). They sent me a box that looked very similar to what I ordered, but contained CL-8 cartridges instead of the CL-221's that I needed. I didn't notice this until I went to change the ink as the receipt said they sent CL-221's, as did the item I'm out of ink and my business is suffering as a result. I've attempted to exchange the cartridges and all I've gotten are automated responses. Can't get in touch with anyone that can help me. I would strongly advise against doing any business with this company: the job they do is obviously very poor and there's nil customer service to help you out when they mess up your order.

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