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Good day

Cellphone Number: [protected]

I have been calling in for the past few months with no resolution in sight.

I have been cancelling Data bundles on my account that has been added automatically and now recently they are telling me that they Data bundles are being bought on the phone manually.

I have never bought a Data bundle in this way before as I always make use of Internet and Cellphone banking to purchase data bundles it gives me much more control of what I spend. But each time I cancel the data bundle the following billing cycle it is just added back onto my account and they tell me I bought it. This is becoming a great waste of money and time and I need to have this corrected as soon as possible.

I have asked them if they can block any bundles being purchased and they are unable to assist at all they just keep repeating themselves over and over again like some sort of IVR.

I need to have this sorted out immediately

Jun 05, 2018

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