Dascas / Worst company ever

1 United States

Binder and Binder has got to be the all time worst people one could use when trying to win a social security or disability claim. I had cancer three times, chemo, radiation and then was diagnosed with chronic took me three years and about seven different "agents" who were handling my case who continually got the names of my doctors wrong as well a the addresses and phone numbers...finally when it did came down to my day in court, my representative whom I had never met and was not an attorney, siad absolutely nothing on my behalf. We were in front of the judge maybe five minutes, dismissed and I received a letter with big bold writing stating, "DENIED" Reason? I apparently was a drug seeker. They are impossible to reach, transfer your case all over the place, are not attorneys and are not licensed to practice law. Do yourself a favor and find someone personal who can work on a contingency basis. You will be saving yourself a lot of heartache trust me. Binder and Binder ***!


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