Darren Kingsley Hammerton / Pedophile Teacher

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Darren Kingsley Hammerton is an unprofessoinal employee who would rumor, instigate and most of all insubordinated teacher that any agency will have to bear with. Worst of he will pretend to be your best friend while he would cause a bad rumor at any the school he would work for. Lastly he was formally let go from his previous employee because of a misconduct with a minor school female student. Stay clear of this pedophile
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Darren Kingsley Hammerton

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  • Da
      Jun 09, 2012

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  • Da
      Dec 06, 2012

    Kirk, This picture was taken in your office. I will be taking action against both yourself and Smartkurve and reporting this slander to the appropriate authorities as a matter of most import. Please everyone, do not take any notice of this liar. I don't really need to say anymore. All because, you do not pay your people that work for and the lies you tell. People that work with and for me know the truth.

    Thanks for showing your true colours at last.

    Now I CAN and WILL come and get you.

    All the best, Darren Kingsley Hammerton.

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  • St
      Dec 22, 2012

    Enjoy the latest picture gallery about kirk phatumanun right here:

    Worst thai school job agent i have ever seen!!!

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  • Co
      Mar 20, 2013 if you work for this guy, then don't get paid and complain, then he brands you a paedophile. Please avoid this SmartKurve company everybody.

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  • Wi
      Mar 29, 2013

    He just put out another ad for this upcoming academic term (2013). To all in the expat community: do NOT apply with this crooked circus. He'll be trouble from the minute you walk to his door...literally. Many people on here have posted time and time again about incidents with him physically threatening them with objects or just plain bodily harm.
    Stay away from this nutcase at all costs please!

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