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I purchased a large fedex operation nearly 1 yr ago from darin jerger & aegis investments. Darin is a smooth criminal and will make you feel at ease from the get go. He provides a lot of information with his listings, however most of the info, spreadsheets and pro-formas are all created by darin jerger & aegis investments. He steers the buyer away from traditional financials, such as tax returns and has you focus on the fraud he has manipulated with the numbers. Darin & aegis investments often show and report fedex businesses making 25%- 40% owner net profit. Darin represented the company I purchased was making $1 million in owner net. Withing 90 days I realized teh fraud darin jerger had committed on me. The company was making about 1/2 of what he said it was. Becuase darin jerger & aegis investments fruaduelently represented the numbers, I am now driving a truck full time, just so I can pay myself some money.
Do not do business with darin jerger! He is a liar a cheat and a thief! All he cares about is darin & his commission!

Darin Jerger - Aegis Investments

Jun 14, 2018
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  • Cs
      Aug 03, 2019


    Thanks for this advice - I too am finding that the numbers from this particular broker are bordering on fraudulent.

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  • Cs
      Aug 13, 2019

    @cslvan In defense, Mr Jerger emailed me the following
    Further, this person never bought a business from me, it is a fake post from a competitor. I suggest you validate so people understand the true circumstances of the transaction.

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  • Dj
      Aug 13, 2019

    @Ashengland - This person is a FAKE and is in violation of the Terms of Use of the website,, as this person never purchased routes through Aegis Investment Group, LLC.

    His comments are NOT A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. This is a sad competitor trying to smear Aegis for their personal benefit.

    Aegis Investment Group works diligently to provide it's buyers with a wealth of information, so the buyer, and their advisors, may make their informed decision. Aegis provides information directly from the Seller.

    Over 75% of Aegis' deals utilize SBA financing which require the information to be scrutinized by the Lender and the SBA. In the due Diligence Data Room provided by Aegis the buyer has access to:

    - Three Years Tax returns (when available),
    - Year to Date P&L and B/S
    - FedEx Weekly statements to 2016
    - Summary of stops and packages
    - Proforma showing contract value
    - 1099s for Business
    - Payroll reports
    - Vehicle List
    - Make,
    - Model
    - Year
    - VIN
    - Mileage
    - Entire FedEx Contract
    - Insurance Statements
    - Delivery Area Map
    - Scanner Invoice summary

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