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I hired them to help with a Modification to my mortgage. I asked if they were licensed to practice law in the state of WY. They told my YES, they even sent me a link to the WY Bar website with the name of their attonery that was licensed in WY. The problem I later found out was the attorney they send me did not work for their law firm.
They coached me on what to report for income and expenses. They told me what i needed to do every step of the way. Again a huge problem, they were wrong. After doing everything they told me to do, I was declined for my modification and my house was to be sold in just a couple days. They then told me my only hope was to claim banruptcy, but try to find a lawyer that will take that on will only a couple hours to file it for you.
Upon filing the correct info with my mortgage company I was able to stop my sale and get my modification.

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  • Po
      12th of May, 2012

    yes same here, they told me all was ok..they would make it work all was ok..we tried to work with bank of america but they kept inflating the income figures to raise our payments...danielson law firm said no problem just give us $1, 300 a month for 3 months and they could cut our payment in half...11 days later they said they didnt think they could help us now...after they got their 1st payment...waiting to see if they try to take another payment as they requested direct deposit...if so lol you heard it here!!!...

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  • Nu
      19th of Jun, 2012

    I too used this law group with expectations of recieving a loan modification. I was told that they had worked with my Mortgage Company on numerous occasions. I went 3 months of paying the imposed fee of $1300 monthly, continued to recieve confirmation that things were going smoothly. Imade my last payment then recieved calls for additonal information, or supposedly they mortgage company had erroneously used wrong numbers and needed more time to decide on a modification ect..ect.. Well after paying $3900 and endless stalling and game playing tactics. Iwas told that my modification was denied and that I was in breach of my mortgage contact and that the Mortgage Company absolutuely refused to modify my loan. Iwas told beforhand that all this stuff during the legal proceeding would cease, not to speak with my mortgage company during this process. I was even told tat one point to find a relative who would be willing to vouch for a portion of my mortgage to increase my chances to recieve a succesful outcome on my mortgage modification. Initially i spoke with many personnel from the law group to what later became only one person who was inconsistent with facts concerning my loan and why the modification could not be approved. Looking back i paid for poor services, bad communications and now im fighting to keep my home. This is as unethical as you can get!! They do not care and please do not fall for the fake sincerity.

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  • To
      27th of Oct, 2012

    I had the same experience. Took my money and did nothing but request documents from me. Bank of America related that they had no contact with Danielson Law Group in relation to my mortgage.

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  • Af
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    danielson law group - Failed to complete agreement kept money
    DLG Legal
    United States

    I was assured by DLG legal as a disabled veteran a modification loan was guaranteed and I signed up for their service, right after they took a thousand dollars from my account they called me and said sorry we cannot complete your modification and gave me 475 back of the 1000 and when I requested the rest since they dropped my case they told me no.

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