Danielle Jones - Waterloo, Iowa / dirty/sick kittens

I purchased 2 kittens from a lady named Danielle Jones in Waterloo, Iowa. DO NOT BUY ANY OF HER KITTENS!

They were infested with ear mites and fleas and had conjunctivitis. The kittens were pulled straight away from their mother and struggled for the first 3-4 weeks, as they were not weaned. We had to mix up milk replacer and feed them by hand.

We had told her about all of this and she blocked our number and would not reply to us. It is sickening that she is getting away with this and is doing it for a quick buck.

Her name is Danielle Jones and she drives a white ford Taurus and lives in Waterloo, Iowa. She does not have a website but posts her ads on

Save your money and do not waste your time on this poor excuse of a human being.

Her phone number is: [protected]

Nov 19, 2017

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