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On June 13/2009 I was playing a game app on Facebook and I accepted an offer from an add placed by Danielle Jewelery for some costume jewelery, a bracelet and earring set for the price of $9.00. I could not read the small print as I am a 70 yr. old widow with somewhat diminished eyesight. I put this purchase on my credit card.

On June 17/2009 I received two packages by mail and when I opened them they were two necklaces that I had not ordered. Being as they were of such cheep quality I assumed they were a bonus gift from the company and was not alarmed.
On June 18/09 I received another package and this also contained a cheep glass crystal type necklace. this Time I was starting to get nervous but decided to wait to contact the company to inform them that the items I had ordered had not arrived and I was getting items that I had not ordered, because I had a busy day and was very tired.
On June 19th two more shipments arrived ( not the items I ordered) so I called the company and informed them that I had so far received five shipments an never got what I ordered. The person I spoke to informed me that I had "joined" a membership and that I could cancel if I wished and if I sent the items back my card would be credited and that I should refuse all further shipments. I asked her how I would know if got the the items I ordered if I refused further shipment, She said " just return everything I didn't want."
On June 25th I received three more
As soon as I got off the phone I went on the internet to check ot the company... yes, I know this is what I should have done in the first place before I bought anything, and I found all these complaints about this company.
I then got on the phone and inquired about my balance and found that, Evanston Ill and SHOPDANI.COM in Evanston, Ill had charged $544.00 to my account from 6/13 through 6/24 . The credit card company agreed close my account and send me a new card and a fraud report form withing two weeks.

I then when back to the original order form and read the small print again and found that the agreement I had supposedly signed for was to receive semi-monthly shipments ( by this time I had been shipped eight shipment) and that they had a Refund Policy that "It is our policy that we cannot offer refunds for any returned items. Instead we will issue you a store credit for your return items." this is in total contradiction to what the woman on the phone told me.

I have had these eight pieces evaluated by a local jeweler and was told that all eight pieces would retail for less than $25.00. I have since sent all this junk back to the company by traceable Fedex delivery at a cost of $10.48 ( good money after bad, as they say) and eagerly await the outcome as to if they will accept the package or not and meantime I am going to fill out fraud reports to send out to Ill., Florida and the US Post office if the money is not returned to my account within 14 days of the

I am hoping that my report to the credit card company will be honored if this low down scam operator does not return my money but time will tell.

Oh, by the way, it is useless to send email to [protected] because no such email address exists and the Mr. J Berman who claims to be director of services is probably non-existent also.

I have included a photo of the JUNK that was sent to me.
Do not by anything from this company.

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      Sep 12, 2009

    I don't know if you've solved this but I got this from another poster today: It's worth a try!

    I too bought into the jewelry. I am the worst of the lot. I did not read the fine print and received a total of 15 pieces. I loved my $9.00 piece and it was worth what I paid for it. After that, I kept receiving pieces. I went online and then read the fine print on anothe page to see that it was a membership at @68.00 each. I was now receiving pieces every two weeks, sometimes twice a week. I called and cancelled at the 6th additional shipment and asked about returning being told to return for a full refund. I kept getting shipments. After another 3 shipments I called back and was told that I had not cancelled my membership. I cancelled again. I was told that another 5 pieces were already released to ship and could not be stopped. I returned everything. they received it on august 12th. I have been calling and calling. I get told that it takes one to two billing cycles for the credit to show up...I used my debit card. I called my bank who says at the most it takes 5 days, however it should not take that long. I became angry and found this site on September 10th. After reading each complaint I said not me. I will not be taken and I wonder if the owner knows that his customer service team is treating customers this way. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. after fully looking at this site I discovered that is owned by Brian Dale of Peel Incorporated. He can be emailed at [protected] I also went to the BBB site and found the Peel, Inc phone number. It is Phone: [protected]. In my case it was late and after housrs. They have a name phone directory where you type in the first 4 letters of the first name of the individual you wish to speak to, and then press star. Of course I entered the first four of his name and I got his voicemail. I left a message requesting an immediate call and left my home and cell phone (I had a doctors appt the next day). On September 11th, we were on the way to the doctor and my cell phone rang. His company customer service manager, Jennifer called me. He had forwarded my message to her. she was glad to hear from me because they had no idea that people were being treated like this and agreed that it is unacceptable. She could view every time I had called and who I had spoken with and was going to discuss this with the customer servie manager at She can be reached directly at [protected], ext. 18. she immediately went in and credited me for the full shipments as we spoke and requested that I give it 72 hours to credit to my account. she asked that if iin 72 hrs it did not credit to my account that I call her back. Today, September 12th, I checked the bank and the full credit amount was posted to my bank acccount this morning. If more people researched how to contact the main company you might get results. Please contact Jennifer for results and maybe we will see a turnaround at!
    Cathy Wright

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