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First experience @ Dave and Busters I ordered food which was incorrect. Dealt with it. Went to the front desk to order a points card for games which led to being stopped and resulted in mild harassment by the security guard due to my appearance, specifically having tattoos. It seemed fairly personal and after passing the security guards test, was followed around the complex. After being watched and not causing he eventually left - being watch while playing games is a bit uncomfortable - went out for a phone call. On my way back in, came back in for a second round of harassment from the security guard. At that point I asked the front desk for a refund. The front desk asked for a couple minutes. An individual, quite young came up and said he was the manager. Probably about 18 years old. Said they have a zero refund policy no matter the situation. I asked if he was really the manager, he said yes and after I repeated myself a second time since I was confused how an 18 year old was a manager of an establishment that sells alcohol he admitted he actually wasn't the manager. He then proceeded to get the manager. They refused the remaining funds on the card the security guard began laughing at the notion. Unprofessional management staff. Poor service. Avoid.

Mar 19, 2017

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