Danbury, CT store / manager: Alex

I need to make a complaint about the Danbury, CT store. The manager, Alex was supposed to have helped us last Saturday. My husband and I went there last Saturday with a gift card that was considered "inactive". We had to call the customer service line from our own personal cell phones because the staff would not do so. Once we got the customer service on the phone and explained the situation, the phone people were helpful and asked to speak to the customer service people.
JCP's customer service said they would send us a new gift card to replace our 2 inactive cards.
At this point, we had already picked out clothing for our 2 daughter's. The manager said he would keep the clothes for us for the week or until we came back with the new gift card. He also TOOK our gift cards that were inactive.
I went today to pick up our order and although the staff tried to help find it (and ALEX was not there) NO one could locate it. Our order that we were told would be held for us-GONE. No one could find it. The staff tried to help, but couldn't find what Alex did with it.
I left our names and phone numbers for Alex to call us so we could go back and get our order that he PROMISED would be there and he NEVER called. It is 7pm and we were told he would be in by 1:00. Disappointing!
when you try to call and make a complaint with the customer service center, they tell you to send an email. The email part doesn't even have an option to complain about the department store, nor is it working. It says that is currently unavailable. Completely frustrating.

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