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Damian Electronics Inc. / Fraudulent activity

1 United States

I was hoping the "data entry home based" job offer is real, this is the reason I have always sent back signed documents and my approval to start working with them, after their HR Dep. had "accepted" me. Unfortunately for them but good for me, I found out that they actually don�t exist, so neither does the job I applied for.

They offered 210 euros/week, 2 hours per day as an excel data entry operator, so i found it as a good opprotunity in the beggining, considering i already have a full time job.

I started to get suspicious when I found the following statement, it seemed that the same job responsibilities and offer were posted before by a different company (strange, right?!), immediately after that, I checked out your website and I realised that Gavin Inc (the name in the posted complaint) and Damian Inc ("employer" that had accepted me) are the same. The decisive moment that influenced my judgement about the existence of the �company� was when I received the Control Panel description document, asking me to pay the 70 euros. I am sorry but, considering the identified evidence, I cannot trust such �company�.

I am sending you the public complaint i read, the complaint was posted by a person tricked by them.

I also informed them that I will make sure people will not get fooled anymore: I posted another complaint on a public complaint website and announced Romanian Police about their current activity; sooner or later I suppose you they must find a better way to gain their existence.

Identified evidence (same happened to me, except i didn't pay 70 euros):

Gavin Electronics contacted me via email last Feb 07, 2009 regarding a home-based job as Customer Data

Entry. After numerous attempts of checking the validity and credibility of the company or website (

google-ing complaints or negative feedbacks), no particular page or complaint came up. The website

( looked convincing enough to be genuine.

And so I replied and expressed my interest in the job, which claimed to pay 160 Euros per week on a 2-

hour per day job. The name of the person who sent me an email was Mr. Eladio G. Carlo, Branch Manager

of Gavin Inc in Torino, Italy. They required some documents from me which included an updated CV,

filled-out application form, education certificate, and work certificates.

Then after 5-6 processing days, they sent me an scanned acceptance form, agreement form, attestation

and even an employment id card, informing me that I was accepted for the home-based job. They

mentioned that the original copy of the previous-mentioned scanned documents will be sent via courier

within 8 days at my given home address. Then the last process required would be a deposit of 70 Euros to

serve as a cash deposit of a data entry control panel( to be used on the data entry job) to make sure the

correct person would receive the equipment.

It will be further refunded on the first week of my rendered service. After sending my deposit last Feb 23,

2009 via Western Union to a person named Dan Adrian Tulbure, Assistant Acountant of Gavin Elctronics

Inc. with the same address of the company, which was 583D Via Del Carretto Luisa Torino, Torino 10437

Italy. After corresponding to his instructions, Mr. Carlo replied with a receipt and he advised to wait until

March 4, 2009 to receive my courier of the original documents and the equipment.

As of today, I have not received any courier which made me decide to file a complaint against Gavin Inc.

Their website is no longer accessible ( Error 403 Forbidden to access on this server). And the email

address admin AT is no longer valid by sending failure notice every time I email them.

As of my further research, I have found information on this website link,, which states the suspicious details of the website. I wish I

have seen this page before having fooled by Gavin-Inc. 70 Euros is not much, but if they can fool 1, 000

people randomly, that makes 70, 000 Euros which is a huge amount.

Maybe someone can identify them somehow and stop their fraudulent activity.

If not.. at least people can find true information online.


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