Daly Morgan And AssociatesCollections company harassing a settled account

Payment of R348.75 was effected on [protected] in full and final settlement of my account with Jenny Bowles. The settlement was confirmed as such and was also confirmed as received with the accountant handling Jenny Bowles books.

I have received 'Without Prejudice' correspondence dated [protected] on [protected] (Wednesday) from a Daly, Morgan and Associates, who first verbally contacted me once telephonically around the time period of [protected] (Monday) to [protected] (Monday) requesting payment of an outstanding amount of R460.31. I had notified the person who contacted me from Daly, Morgan and Associates that the payment was already rendered and accepted in full and final settlement and to contact the accountant who had confirmed receipt of payment.

I would like to lodge a complaint that this matter be urgently cleared and removed, as I will not be making any additional payment due to full and final payment already being effected and accepted prior to my knowing of, communicating with or receiving any correspondence from Daly, Morgan and Associates.

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