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Dalmar Motors London / Worst Dealership

1 London, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I went to London to get suit fitted for my friends up coming wedding and drove all the way from Toronto (2 hour trip)

My car ran fine until I went from my parents house to the suit fitting, my car started to overheat! Oh well, stuff happens right? So since it was saturday and I had to work Monday, I decided to take it to the dealership since they know what they are doing and I would just work from home Monday while it gets fixed.

So Monday I take my car in (and its a slow overheat not a complete boil over) and I explain my problem hand over the keys and go back home.

2 hours later I get a phone call saying my car is ready. Wow, great. $211 for the fan switch sensor. kind of pricy but its a VW and its at a place where they know their stuff (or so it seems)

I go pick up my car, pay the dealership and drive off. by the time I got to the highway, now my car is shooting up to 130*C. I was pissed! didnt they test drive it?

I called them back up and made it there just before 5 PM. they tell me they have to investigate it in the morning. Well, not much I can do at this point. Called my boss, work another day from home. no biggie.

The next morning I get a call, asking what has been done to it. so thermostat, housing and waterpump. They said ok, hung up and 2 hours later I get a call.

They told me that "We elimnated everything else, and we think its your thermostat"

Great, I said change it.

then I get the "well your bill will come to $408"

WTF? for a thermostat? ok, I know shop fee at $92/hour but that is insane. so I drove down to speak with their manager.

After looking at the bill (and after talking to another dealership) they tried to charge me for the time they talked to a VW tech outside the city.

I explained to him the situation, and said I dont really care what the bill is, I just want a garentee that this will fix the problem. At least he was nice enough to go and look into it and said "we cannot garentee this unless we change the part"

fine, might as well get them to do it.

so 4 hours pass, and I dont even get called that its done. I got a ride down the the dealership and my car is outside, so I go in and ask if its done. He didnt even look up, just said "ya"

So I look right at the guy and ask these questions:

Q: "Does the car overheat?"
A: "No"

Q: "Did they take it for a long enough test drive?"
A: "Yes"

"ok" I said, but since its a lot of money to me, I told them I would like to test drive it myself. They almost didnt let me, but they gave me the keys anyways.

I took it for a 40 min test drive, and as soon as I pulled into the dealership. The car starts to over heat.

Lucky for me, I walked in and said "car still over heats" and they actually said "well we have to investigate more"

no no no, you eliminated EVERYTHING else, I am not going to let you change everything in my car at 100% markup until you figure it out. I gave them the bill back and told them I'm taking my car elsewhere.

lucky for me, they agreed since I asked for a garentee.

So whats my rant? So I finally got it fixed. ended up being the waterpump and my friend and I did the work when we both had a spare weekend. He's what got me pissed: Parts were missing under the hood, bolts were stripped on the housing and screws werent even tighten and a few hoses werent even connected. Not only did they get the $211 from me that did NOTHING, they also took my parts! And I know they were there since the time I worked on my car before I took it to Dalmar.

I will never, ever take my car to a dealership again. And I have also heard other bad stories from other VW owners who took it to the same dealership.

(Still waiting for the call from VW of Canada about how my service was)

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  • No
      4th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I happen to know the technician that worked on this vehicle and this customer misinformed the dealer about previous work that had been completed. He stated the water pump had been replaced and the technician took his work on that. The water pump had not been replaced come to find out, and that is what was causing an issue. With your comments like this... you do realise that you ruin a persons reputation as a mechanic< one that has received awards from Volkswagen, you ruin a reputation of a dealership, you are affecting the jobs of 20+ individuals. You seem like the type of person that tries to fix something on their own with their friends on a weekend, get caught because you dont know what you are doing, decide to bring it in to a dealer and lie about what you have attempted... If you do not give proper information and history on a vehicle, ( much like going to a doctor and lying about your symptoms and history and such) how do you expect a proper fixture? I know many people that enjoy going to Dalmar Motors for service, sales, parts and some even just for a visit!
    On behalf of the friends at Dalmar Motors, I'm sure they thank you for your honest review! :)

  • Ni
      19th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Only an incompetent mechanic assumes that "since it was replaced, it can't be the problem." Even "new" parts fail...

  • Im
      18th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Dalmer motors service department never have parts. They always have to order the part because they don't have most parts in stock. Transmission harness, not in stock, radiator not in stock, brake light cable not in stock. alternator not in stock and when they do get the part, 3 days or a week later and make the repairs they do not test drive the vehicle or they would have noticed that the brake light had burnt out when the brake cable shorted out.

  • Pa
      1st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I second the first writer Dont go to Dalmar !
    Copy of letter sent to them .Audi and Dalmar do not Honor their 12 year bodywork Warrenty

    14th June 2010

    Audi TT

    Letter to Audi Canada with Copy to Dalmar Motors Ltd London Ontario.

    Dear sir I recently took my Audi into Dalmar Motors to rectify the faulty roof strips that your company recognizes as a fault ( See extract from your own Technical services handbook Elsa Win)
    I met your representative there ( Audi Canda) and explained that I would like some help in rectifying this small fault on what otherwise I consider an excellent car .
    I got what is the text book answer “its trim and not a part of the body work “
    If this is the case then why are some Audi Dealers doing this work under warranty ? ( See enclosed invoice ) .
    I was then passed on to the service manager who informed me that one side of the roof strips had been repainted in the past .
    I was then sent down to the body shop to get an estimate to rectify this small problem .
    The estimate in total was$715.84.
    The service manager said he had spoken to his General Manager and the decision had been left to him as to what action to take .
    I suggested that a good compromise would be for myself to pay for the side that was original and was bubbling and that Dalmar should rectify their paintwork done in the past, I was told that they would not help with this repair.
    The bottom line of this incident is that I went into this Audi Dealer with great enthusiasm for Volkswagon and Audi …I came out with the feeling that Audi doesn’t care for its customers once they have sold a car and the dealer cares nothing about customer service !
    I would like to mention at this point that I do drive a Mercedes and a BMW and have had excellent service from their whole organizations especially BMW .
    I am on the point of trading my BMW in and was contemplating buying an Audi ….Guess where I am going now to buy my next Car ??
    Should you wish to help in this small matter then that would be great ….otherwise I trust you will appreciate this little bit of feedback from someone who used to be a Customer Service Manager himself .
    I enclose varicose documents for your interest .

    Yours Sincerely

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