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I had a house fire March 27, 2014 that was the first day I had my appointment with my caseworker Dana Henley. As I sat and talk to her my house was burning. I called Dana and informed her of what was going on. She told me that I would receive emergency housing. I did everything she told me to, and still didn't get a chance to move until October15, 2014. When I received my voucher I already had found an apartment, I wanted to hurry and get my kids out that truck. We slept in my truck. So, I moved in October. I was never told nor was I ever shown that I had to pay rent. Previously I hadn't paid rent. I wasn't working so I had know income. I moved in, my caseworker never said anything and I had been to 2 evaluations. May26, 2014 there was a knock and it was the office with a note. I went to te office and they're telling me I owe 900$. Now, i'm taken back because this is all new to me. So the first thing to come out my mouth is I don't pay rent. This is how I know they not doing there jobs right. She said, ok I went back home and I didnt here nothing back from them until a month later after I had called my caseworker the same day and told her what was going on. Now, my caseworker Mrs.Dana Henley, is just a much to blame. Even after me calling her and keeping her informed on everything she never did her job once. This the first time that I have ever been on Dallas housing, I started with Lancaster Housingand I never had a problem.I was with them five years before Dallas. My kids and I are at the moment homeless, we have been going from house to housr since October when we were evicted. I don't even know why!! Nd my caseworker hasn't even tried to help. I told her we had know where to go, and why was I loosing my voucher. I stll don't have answers and I need them. I am wrongfully being pushed to homelessness and I need answers.

Jan 13, 2015

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