Dallas/Ft Worth Airportparking and signage

Went to drop off my girlfriend this morning, no parking was used. There are no signs for Departures, you have to assume that Arrivals is the same thing. Exit Signs have no advance warnings whatsoever leading to very dangerous driving and can potentially lead to accidents, which the airport can be found liable for.

Total time at airport, less than 20 minutes with no parking. DFW airport is the only airport I have been to that still charges $2 to drop off someone!
I did not have my debit card and the Toll Tag, that they advertise for, they do not have access/does not work.

I now have a $2 bill for parking WITH a $10 bill for processing! The board responsible for all this needs to get their heads examined! No other airport in 4 continents, that I have been through have done this kind of thing!

Nov 24, 2018

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