Dale Sawatzky / Truck loan I paid off

1 Kindersley Saskatchewan, CA

Called in over a month ago ask how much i owed on my truck they said 4100.00. I said i'd like pay my truck off ask if their was any other fees or late charges they said no. And that get my papers in the mail. Three weeks later had guy call me from td said i was behind on my payment. I told him my truck was paid off he said their was another 75 dollars on it yet. Told him to take it out. Get call a week later from td said i was late on my truck payment. I said it was payed off they said i owed another 390.00. After i'd payed the truck off it seam i have more payments on the truck then before it was payed off so i'm just a little passed

Mar 29, 2017

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