Dale Mundi Caught Texting 17 - Year - Old Girl For Sex!New scandal

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Dale Mundi was recently caught red-handed texting a 17 year old under aged girl – minor (below 18 yrs) (she is my niece!). Mundi was helping a family sell their house in Brampton when he noticed that his Indian clients had a good-looking daughter. He began making appointments in the afternoon time for showings after 3 pm - when he knew his clients’ daughter would be home alone after school. After taking her number with the excuse of contacting her in case her parents are busy, he began to send her text messages everyday, and slowly began sending R-rated explicit pictures of himself and his private parts. The innocent girl, belonging to a decent Punjabi Indian family, informed her parents of Dale Mundi’s sexual harassment and threatened him to take it to law enforcement. Mundi, known for his harassment of females in Brampton, and generally known for bribing his way out of criminal troubles - paid the family $45, 000 to get out of his new scandal, and made an agreement with the family for them not to pursue criminal action against him.

Similar stories have been shared with us of condo buyers and clients, who become victims as they bring their daughters to Mundi’s office when buying a new condo or reviewing floor plans before purchase. Later, to have their daughter pursued by Mundi, in an attempt to seduce his client’s daughters for his own sexual pleasures.

Would you like to bring your wife or daughter around this man and buy a condo from him? BE WARE!

Feb 05, 2015
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  • Ga
      Feb 23, 2015

    He is such a big looser .. I rqst to canadian govt to hang till death that person ..

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  • Ma
      Feb 24, 2015

    what a bloody chutiya... AGAIN HES DOING THIS THINGS?

    +3 Votes

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