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1 United States provided internet services to me from December 2005 to May 2006. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to vacate my place of residence. Dakotablue's contract does not provide an exclusion for this circumstance and continued to charge me (in accordance to their 'contract') for internet services I did not receive. I believe this is unfair. Now they are taking me to small claims court to steal the remaining money from me that they say I owe them, even though NO services were provided for the duration of time they are suing me for.

Just because a customer signs a contract does not mean that that customer should "screwed and tattooed". My complaint is not relevant to my relocation-it is for being charged for a service which I was not receiving, due to circumstances beyond my control. Had the service not been terminated unfairly due to FAP, I could have and would have happily fulfilled the remainder of my contract.

If your local electric company shut off your electricity and then continued to bill you for power you did not use or receive, would you pay the bill? I think not. Regardless of the fact there was a contract with DakotaBlue, that is exactly what they have done. Aside from the legal issues involved, there is a deeper and more critical MORAL issue here. To attempt to collect payment for UNDELIVERED goods/services is stealing, plain and simple. No one like to be taken advantage of.

Anyone who is thinking about signing up for service with or 'Wildblue' satellite internet service: DON'T DO IT! If you sign their contract, you have NO WAY OUT OF IT, for 12 months. A lot of things can happen in that 12-month time span. They take advantage of and exploit this. It doesn't matter if you move, lose your home, have a death in the family, etc...THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF THE CONTRACT. And like they did with me, they will take you to court to make sure they get the money that they are owed.


Sincerely, James Griffiths

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