Dakota Kids Dentistry / Child Dental care

Mar, 1 2016

I'm the Grandfather of a two year old little girl who is in pain from a cavity.
Their is only two dental offices in 300 mi, of us that take care of kids this
young, So I called Dakota kids to make an appointment for my granddaughter and they refused to see her saying that her mother missed two appointments.
I told them That I would not miss any, but they did not care, nor did they care that the child was in pain, all that they cared about was two appointments were missed. I asked does the American Dental Association know of this practice about child care? They do! .. I was told. There is one in Bismarck, I said 100 mile away? "The appointments missed were at the time just for check ups, I can understand not liking it when an appointment is missed, but you don't punish a two year old child.
because the Mother had to work, the child did not really need a dentist at that time. But now that she needs one, Sorry we won't see her cause we're mad at the mother.

Mar 01, 2016

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