Dailycashsite.comMexican scammers


The worst ive ever been scamed in my life was by this pretend company with more names then i have fingers, I got lured in by these people by stumbling across their site one evening looking for a way to make some money, , I felt so fortunate to run into this program thinking luck had finally shined on me, They offer you a free 48 hour trial for no money, Just to see how great their websites work and get you pumped about buying one of them for $600.00 are going the other route and paying for one for $50.00 a week making sure they have this hook baited at both ends. Then you do the free trial and the whole time they are sending you statistics through your E-mail making you think that once you own one of these websites your gonna be rollin in the money. Then you forget all about better judgement looking at those dollar signs going off in your head, And you buy one for the whole $600.00 dollars whitch is out right, Or you pay $50.00 dollars paying for it weekly from a reseller whos just like you are and not knowing whats really going on and getting their ### riped as well.. Anyway then upon the purchase of this or these fake websites you see it says you will be payed by mail in 90 days, and this stays posted contrary to what they say even when you purchase the website out right, So me I write and tell them again that i want my payout details changed, So still playing along they change my payout details to a 30 day paypal pay out, well right now im sitting on 36 days and have been aware of scam.coms information on them for the past 14 days. I feel like a fool for not coming here first as im sure alot of people do, , But anyway ive e-mailed these ### until im blue in the face with know reply and that all started right after they had my money.. I blew 1, 200 dollars on these fake websites that you cant even find when puting them in a search by their givin names and since have found out they have no Meta tags to speak of.. Any way i feel as though ******* gotta be lower then **** as well, they sit back and do nothing when questioned about this fake company, I feel as though they are getting palmed by these people with our money illegally.. We need to work together to bring this ### down, They all live in mexico from what ive here and gathered and its all run by one man with a few people this ### actually pays to help him. He sits back designing fake websites to set people up with, and during the beginning when they are e-mailing you back, you are getting responded to by one a man, Laura, Janice are both one man, one twisted ### genuis whos still ripping people off right and left.. Below are more urls he uses to attract innocent induviduals into this trap.. If you would like to talk to me about anything please e-mail me. The main thing is to spread the word and keep others from getting hurt by this scam...

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