Dail a car taxis / fees

1 Macclesfield, England, Cheshire, United Kingdom

I was contacted by Click Marketing who said they could provide me with a domain and website to further my business.
I foolishly paid them £47-40 with my debit card for the cost of the domain.Then I received a direct debit mandate which would allow a payment of £36-50 to be paid to them every month.
I checked my bank statement and noticed they had taken £438-00 in one payment.followed by another payment of £36-50.
After numerous telephones calls they told me it was a clerical error and a refund would be sent. 3 weeks and still waiting.
My bank stopped the debit card and got back my £36-50 but I am still waiting for £438-00 which they took without my consent.
This company do not send out written correspondence to keep customers informed.
Please note. Once some has your money you only have 120 days to claim it back.
This company would not win any competitions for customer satisfaction

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