Dafna GorenI phone rob

Hello, I was eating at Mcdonald's SEVRIER, Route d'Albetville. RN 508 74320 SEVRIER FRANCE. Tel. 0450526586. STRET [protected]-APE 5610C RCS Annecy-TVE INTRA FR40 409713039.
On the 09/12/2018 11:54:51, my iPhone 6+ was robbed by a man and a woman that were Imposters to a woman with Crutch and a man that was pretending helping her. they came after me inside the toilet and went a cross the restaurant. they manged to take my I phone from my pocket. I asked to see the videos in the store but I was told that only with the permission of France police we will be able to watch then. unfortunately I had to catch a flight in Geneva so I wasn't able to go to the police station.
I am sure that if you will watch the videos you will see them taking the phone. probably they are waiting every time in this restaurant for tourists since it is on the way to the airport and to the Alps.
please let me know if you find anything.
I am sure that you will do your best to find this thighs that make so much damage of the wonderful experience eating in your restaurants.

my bill number was ESP 05.

waiting to hear your response.
Dafna Goren
email: [protected] il

Dec 10, 2018

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