Da Vinci's Pizza / cockroach live inside the pizza

1 China

Hello all,
Me and my friend visit today the “Da Vinci's Pizza” at Beside Peninsula Phase 2, Shekou, Nanshan District
We order one Pizza, and wait in place for it. When the pizza was ready and served to us
we found I “baby” cockroach live inside the pizza.
As we looked in the kitchen we saw the sanitarian condition are not so good - saying the least
We try to speak to the pizza place owner but she wasn’t there and avoid all our phone call

Finally, after many phone call we talk to her and told her about the cockroach on the pizza
for our surprise, she toke it very easy…
We going now to place complain at the Shenzhen health ministry and ask them to check this place.
For your health be careful from this place!

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