Da Dong / scam

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Da Dong Restaurant, 39 Smith St, Chinatown, Singapore.
We were approached by the manager while passing and we were beckoned to enter. He pushed the crispy half duck on the menu for $33.00 and we thought we would share it between two.
The Duck arrived and the skin was carved off and put in pancakes. The rest of the Duck disappeared in the back. After finishing this a small plate of Duck meat was placed infront of us and we were left with that. No further pancakes or rice appeared. We ordered some rice to go with it. After quickly finishing this small amount of food we expected to get the rest. It never materialized. We asked the manager where the rest of the duck was. He mumbled that was all there is, laughed and walked away and showed no further interest in us. This scam was being done to two other groups of tourists in the restaurant. His staff presented us with the bill, and on checking it there were extra charges for peanuts we didn't ask for and even the paper towels. There is no way we got the meat from the half duck we paid for. Singapore has a reputation of coming down hard on this sort of petty fraud. If the local authorities would care to send in a couple of westerners pretending to be tourists you will catch him red-handed and should prosecute. If they do this it will act as an example and warning to any others who try to do this.

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